BOOM!!! Infiltrating the battlefronts and going head to head with full metal gear. Special Ops are winning the battlefronts with their recently released album ""Phase 2: Amidst The Madness"". These musical snipers have been spreading their protest songs for a dictatorship of atomic proportions. Emerging to become one of the most sought after outfits in an age where bottom heavy distorted elegance is found to consort with ethnically infused infectious rhythms. Thrusting with a double barreled vocal assault and securing with a well-armed rhythm section, it is standard operational procedure for this joint task force to be moving to higher ground.

With quick and accurate bombardment, they have been able to blow away North American audiences using a fully equipped live musical attack. Singer Abe Froman with a style of his own and a stage energy that needs to be seen. Bassist Waldo Thornhill and Guitarist Akbar Johnson’s accuracy of a sniper and vocal balance followed by the pounding power of drums by Clarence Mcgillacutty for their second album setting Special Ops apart from the rest. The group has gained recognition by means of their unique chemistry which functions in creating their cutting edge music & blending a form that is curiously enchanting to the human ear.


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Anger Is Creeping
Have you ever been pissed at some one!!! this Track is for you!!

Hard Alternative
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The Battles Won
Representation: NDG Entertainment, Voodoo Records, War By Choice.

Major exposure includes:
• A 15-20 min spotlight in and composition of the complete soundtrack for “Sid’s Cycle Show” season 1 and 2, to be aired on Global, Men TV, Showcase action, Spike (+2 million viewers).
• North American Tour, Print & Radio Promo for “Anger Is Creeping” and “Phase 2” by War By Choice Booking agency for summer 2007.
• The soundtrack of and display of the Bands Logo and sweater by one of the actors of Whistler airing on CTV and on “The N” (Owned by MTV)
• Approached by CBC to use “Pick Up The Pieces” and “Breath I Breathe” for the soundtrack of “Rock Your World” airing later this year.
• Opening slots for more established artists such as My American Heart, Better Than Ezra, Kiros.
• The Search Of Madness Cross Canada Tour 2005 - 2006, over 100 shows from Montague PEI to Victoria Island BC, with an average attendance of 150-300 by the time they reached Victoria Island.
• CANADA DAY 2003-04-05 &06 (Two Mountains), Montreal Music Fest 2003, M.O.M. Fest 2004-2005, and Bryce Fest 2005 (Winnipeg).
• “Pick Up The Pieces” is on the Lollipop Magazine Compilation CD, 30 000+ free copies distributed with magazine issues.
• “Pick Up The Pieces” is on the In Doom We Trust Compilation CD, 10 000+ distributed across Canada and northern US.
“ Phase 2: Amidst the Madness""
• Produced by Murray Daigle (Not By Choice, Emerald Rain, Pain, Exit 57 Records…), to be released March 2007world wide.
• Music video for the 1st single “Anger Is Creeping” by Voodoo Records to be completed by mid 2007.
• Supported by The Amidst The Madness Cross Canada Tour (Summer 2007).
“ Phase 1: In Search of Madness""
• Produced by Jeff Nystrom (April Wine, Adam Gregory, Mercury, Mensa Records…), released March 25th 2005 across Canada. July 2006 World wide.
• Supported by The Search for Madness Cross Canada Tour (April-Nov 2005).
• Music video for the 1st single “Pick Up The Pieces” by S.E.E.D Productions to be completed by mid 2006.
E.P “Emily”
• Engineered by Tim Doyle (Planet Smashers, Trevor Reid, Skill Man), Produced by Special Ops and Tim Doyle. A 5 song E.P. featuring the first single “Emily,” released 2004.
• Music video for “Emily” by Melanie Vachon.


“ One of the best I’ve heard come out of Montreal to date, these guys really stand out with everything from musical hooks, to mind-blowing, jaw dropping live performances. An absolute must see…”
- Citizen Steve, CFMB

“ Pushing the envelope may result in critical acclaim….This diverse sound easily sets the band apart from others playing and has earned them a considerable following in Montreal…”
- Chris Bumbray, The Link

“ A Montreal based band of four guys with styles so different, yet so tight, you’d think they were out of a movie about commitment…..Maybe this sounds a bit eclectic but the music is first class and original.”
- Noah Sager, McGill Daily

“ Special Ops stands out as one that transcends the musical boundaries, continuously redefining an innovative, thought provoking and dangerously pleasurable sound to listen to.”
- Croydon DeMello, The Concordian

“ This four man killing team has flourished into professional hit men of the rock scene. Loaded to the teeth with an arsenal of songs from their debut album, this group is ready to blow up.”
- Da Miss, Montreal Music Scene

"" Wow - an awesome show ...a new band from Montreal that has been turning heads called Special Ops who are on their Canadian tour. They have been described as system of a down mixed with Godsmack, heavy sound melodic for their Toronto dates""
- C-DawG,

” Special Ops kicked ass!!! The audience was attentive with quite a few people dancing … Overall, Collective Chaos was one of Sweet Spot Productions' best shows to date me thinks!!!”
-Paulette LaFortune, Sweet Spot Productions

” Special Ops will make a lasting impression... a blend of Evanescence meets Linkin Park and Nirvana. SO are on a cross-Canada tour and have decided to hang out in Winnipeg for a few days…”
-Brad Frenwik, Antigravity Project

“ The summer breeze swept Special Ops from Montreal to Montague to kick of their first ever cross Canada tour at the Cavern on June 25th. Young and old alike were energized by their music…The vocal balance of Jason Walters and Sam Odeh was reinvigorating.”
- Donna Lewis, Montague Times

“ Special Ops is on their tour across Canada to promote their album “Phase 1: In Search of Madness”…I believe the madness is in Manitoba!”
- Crystal McKay,

“ Special Ops, is waging a full-scale musical attack on the senses through their debut CD, Phase 1: In Search of Madness…gaining recognition and a loyal following.”
- Debbie Hum, Concordia Magazine

"" Metal Night in Lunenburg Staring SPECIAL OPS - Yes that’s right a metal gig...for those of you who don’t like metal, go to and check out Montreal's heaviest act Special Ops they will blow you away.""
- Sandy Schembly, LBC Rocks

“ Very tight, Fantastic CD! I picked this up at one of their recent gigs, and I have to say these guys really know how to rock. If you like rage against the machine, stabbing westward, the tea party - you'll definitely like these guys. Very tight, great sound - I can't wait to see what else comes out of these guys.”
- Reviewer,

Hard Alternative
more mighty songs

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