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The Blue Voodoo

3/9/2009 9:41:43 PM
I thought the song was good, just a few things imo to fix, and that is just my personal opinion, not the gospel truth, does not mean it did not have some good things happening.
read it for your selves
nothing too bad about it at all
here is what I said...and hoenstly ,.it is a pretty cool song.....
but i guess maybe they will redo and come back, I hope so I honestly enjoyed the song

I liked the intro, interesting, not bad for a two chord progression, lots of energy,Its OK, not one of the stellar top notch songs here but I still think it deserves a place at SMASH, saw the song title so I Checked it out.Its loud. somewhat grinding,the vocals, (which I liked) are somewhat lost in the mix, if I was their producer I would redo the instrumentation and mix it down and pull up the bass and the percussion so that they stand out more as this is a major part of the rock genre expectations so guys a look at balancing out the drums and bass so that they work together in tandem and are featured more. That driving guitar groove is actually pretty fine although it makes everything else evaporate and the song loses some of its potential, Good stuff is that Cool riff in that guitar lead part. Take a re-listen fellas and see where it takes you. I like it , it just needs another ear in there helping you out dont be offended. you put your stuff out there and you will get comments and feedback... and you may not like what i say. my opinion. I still dig it...... It would be an experience seeing you perform it live with the energy and powerful dynamics penetrating your body and mind ,be a trip for sure. But nonetheless it is a great rocking tune that fits at the local club scene and could be some potential for this group for development if they continue on together.. Thats my take on it anyways.


3/9/2009 9:24:30 PM
-don't be put off by one guys review

-it is most unusual for that to happen so soon after uploading-


3/8/2009 8:55:13 PM
Hey Guys?

Where did the song go? I read the station guys review-it was basically positivenow I'm puzzled




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