Paul Rivers Bailey is a musician and filmmaker from Queens New York, now residing in New Mexico. When asked to describe his music Paul said, “its life music, it's about how people live. The message is more important to me than a certain sound or niche market because it can resonate in people's lives.""

As a young child, Paul grew up in a musical family, as his father produced and wrote songs for artists such as Kool& The Gang and A Train. He spent a lot of his time in the studio learning and even attempting to make his own music. Paul started singing at the age of four, wrote his first song at age seven, and hasn't stopped since. After graduating from college in 2004 with a degree in film, Paul spent his time working on and releasing a CD with friend and band mate J.D. as a part of the Hip Hop group ""Duality"". More recently, Paul, with the help of some amazing friends and artists, released his debut solo album, ""Inner Child"". An album filled with songs that tell a story of the journey to find love and peace by connecting with the youthful spirit inside us all

Paul brings great passion to his work. He believes part of his role as an artist is to inspire the youth of today by sharing music and multimedia projects through out the community. Paul Rivers Bailey is dedicated to bringing a higher sense of self and positivity to all whom he works with. This commitment to spreading love, peace, and positivity though song continues to open doors, and has led to opportunities to perform nationally and internationally. Recently Paul accepted an invitation from soul legend Al Green to open up a show for him at the Santa Fe opera house. As success continues to grow, it is important to Paul to be a healthy member of the human family by being of service through song and community activism. It is his sincere belief that song can heal and unify us all, and his hope that his voice in some way can contribute to this objective.

Mother Nature

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Conscious Evolution Project

This Project focuses in on helping one identify and actualize their fullest potential as it is uniquely expressed through the mediums of music, spoken word, and various multi-media modalities.

Find It! See It! Be it!

The Workshops of the Conscious Evolution Project consist of three parts:

Find It!
This Component begins the process of helping one answer the question: ""who am I?"" Identifying and strengthening their core values through various introductory exercises and music.

See It!
The Second part takes a deeper look into their own unique perspectives. Using creative writing, free association, and small story building exercises, they are able to uncover there own wisdom and vision for themselves.

Be It!
Through situational role-playing and musical performances, they are encouraged to take the creative ideas and experiences from the workshops and apply them to their everyday life.
Workshop Formats

1. One hour sessions over multiple days or one day.
2. Half day intensive/multi-class block scheduling
3. After School enrichment
4. Concerts and Assembly

Note: All workshops can be adjusted to your specific needs and are modified to fit particular Age groups.

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Paul Rivers Bailey