""When fascism comes to the United States, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."" - Sinclair Lewis

On one hand we are calling for the destruction of our current political/economic (fascist) system and the elimination of all organized religion, and on the other we promote unity and enlightenment while seeking to further our own spiritual elevation by helping others do the same. We seek peace, but are willing to fight for it. Mökshya is a movement and its power must be felt first hand!


Metal with brains and balls!

Hard Rock
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Sold Nation Salvation

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After showcasing for Al Jourgensen and 13th Planet Records in El Paso, DVS Fred had this to say:

""They are gonna knock everyone on their asses with their powerful music. This band is taking protest music to a whole new level. Viva la Lovelution!!!""

Freddy Macias
(former) Head of A&R
13th Planet Records

""Mökshya is a hindi term that means ""the dance of enlightenment"", or refers to the exact moment of personal enlightenment. After experiencing the full blasts of mokshya's progressive metal tilt the floor of a live show, the term starts making perfect sense.""

Stephanie Flood - Flagstaff Live

""Mökshya deserves credit for taking such an ambitious approach to their music, as well as a thought provoking, no holds barred approach to their lyrics.....guitar riffs best described as majestic.""

John Larson - Tacoma Weekly

""Thanks guys for the opportunity and allowing me the privilege to record your set. That was incredible. I'm fairly hard to impress these days but I must admit about 20 minutes in I went to the merch table and purchased the disc and t-shirt, and the disc hasn't left my car in about 20 rotations. You are all truly great people. VIVA LA LOVELUTION!!!""

Jim Cockrill - Tacoma, Washington

"" The music swells, the time and tempo changes and the vocals go from soft, almost spoken, to enraged in the blink of an eye.............. Many of the conversations outside revolved around what we had just witnessed inside, many seeming just as impressed as I was at seeing Mökshya's performance, hearing there great music and seeing one of the best and most unique stage set up's I've seen from a local act in a very long.

Carl Jenkins
SLAM Magazine/Third Eye Promotions, after a Mökshya show.

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