In 2001, I released UNSTAR, my deconstructivist take on early British and German industrial, punk, and jungle. The album is still widely available as a CD or download. UNSTAR was followed by two vocal albums, completing my ""Berlin Trilogy"": ""Stranger"" and ""Berlinoise"", expanding my experimental, sampladelic vision into the realms of Dark Wave, Prog, Free Jazz, and Polynesian Opéra Brut.

Since then, i set off on a different path:

Drawing inspiration from the NATURAL WORLD - in all its beauty, vastness, and absurd cruelty - as well as extreme mental / psychedelic states, and working in the fundamentally abstract medium of PURE MUSIC, I created a body of work that will be gradually made available through my website (currently under construction).

Lush, grandiose, and clangorous amorphous soundscapes, composed with an array of ancient analogue / modular synthesizers as well as a host of acoustic instruments - imagine DEMENTED FIELD RECORDINGS from a VENUSIAN SWAMP on a WARM RADIO-ACTIVE SUMMER NIGHT...

Currently, I am working on a new song album in my Berlin studio.


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Ekimi (Peace)
"Ekimi" is the Mbuti ("pygmy") word for a harmonious state of the universe, i.e. the opposite of "Akimi", meaning noise, unrest, disorder.

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