Right....where to begin, well since Im assuming you probably dont know me....my name is Mark Villarosa, or ""V"" for short, to my friends.

Im a songwriter - and have been for as long as I can remember.

I live in London and find myself swept along the tide of making my way through life in this vibrant, colourful, exciting and sometimes dark and unforgiving city.

My day job keeps the bills at bay - but isnt exactly what Id call ""living the life"" - Im sure that most of us would rather be doing something other than what were doing for a living, if only we had the choice; I stand for anyone who has a dream and is trying to live it!

Music is a great way for me to escape...and to ""live the life"" if only for a few moments when Im on stage at a gig.

I set up a band called ""Bamboojuice"" with some friends as a vehicle to perform my songs. The guys in my band are not only great musicians but also great buddies to whom I am very grateful to, because they allow me to live my dream everytime I get onstage.

Stay tuned to this page and feel free to message me about your own place in this great whirly-gig of life......Id be interested to hear from you if youre on a similiar journey to go from where you are ...to where you really want to be.....



Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Scared of Heights

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

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Richard Scotti

8/21/2008 11:28:55 AM
Excellent tracks, great alternative vocals. First one reminds me of Pearl Jam. Keep doing what you're doing. Welcome to IAC.



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Sometimes Ill push
Sometimes Ill pull
Sometimes Ill Rock
Sometimes Ill Roll
I lean on my emotions: They are my muse, my salvation and sometimes they are my demons.
But thats where I think music sounds best
Writing about things that are real
And what can be more real, than what you feel inside?
few people will ever know you, as well as you know yourself.
Im not trying to be a trendsetter...
I dont aspire to be musically fashionable
or ""in""
or acceptable to those who decree the status quo
I go my own way.
I am a scream of light, emitting multiple rays:
some will be bright
some will be sad
some will be melancholoy
some will be triumphant
some will light the way
some will cast shadows

Someone singing their heart & soul out....Guitar and Vocal melodies you cant stop humming....Lyrics that are real and moving...everything I write about, Ive lived through.

If you like the sound of that...then this music is probably meant for you.
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Mark Villarosa