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Music is a vital part of life. Is there anyone who can say that they do not like music? Whatever mood you're in, there is a song to match that mood. If there is a mood you want, there is a song to take you there. One of the biggest question an artist asks himself before he embarks on a new project is, ""Where do I want to take people? What do I want to express?"".

Art is a tool of expression.

So what do we want to express? Our long day at work? Relationship troubles? How well off in life we are? A great experience we have had? So may personalities in this world. So many different experiences of life, with so many different ways to express that experience. But what is that one thing that every one seeks to express?

That common bond is the desire to love or to be loved. We look for it in so many ways that are of no avail. There are those that come to the realization that the highest experience of love can only be found through the soul.

Matchless Gifts Conscious Arts is where those who are seeking that deeper meaning of life and desiring to express that search through art, can come and interact with those of like minds. A place where people can become a channel to empower humanity with spiritual values through the medium of art. And ultimately as a result, experience the greatest happiness that one can achieve in a lifetime.

Pick Me Up

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David Spencer and Dynamic Productions

2/22/2009 10:01:24 AM
Hello my name is David Spencer, and my group Dynamic Productions just released our first independent release entitled, "Created to Praise," Stop by and have a listen! Thanks!

Free Man Lee (Comedy)

8/7/2008 10:08:16 AM
Welcome and congrats. Your catchy poplike tune is Modern Psalms Song of the week 7-8-08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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