Eric Hogg wrote his first song at the age of five.

In grade 5 he taught himself how to play guitar, writing and recording his first 10 song cassette demo within a month of playing. The music he wrote at the time was inspired by the grunge bands of the day, but higher pitched and without the distortion or band. A year later he acquired both, alternating between being the guitarist/vocalist and drummer in the group Limestone. He eventually assumed the role of guitar/vocals full time, and gained experience performing in various clubs and festivals across Canada. He also gained some studio experience, apprenticing at Cascade Studios with Casey Pechet.

After a solid near-decade run, the band parted ways and Eric began to seriously pursue his own musical projects. He spent countless hours in his home studio experimenting with different recording and songwriting techniques, developing his own style and sound, acoustic and electronic. Between his interests in cutting edge electronic music and love for well crafted songs, Solipsis was born, a project to accommodate both his songwriting talents and production expertise. He recorded and released his first album, Sundown, in 2004. A limited run of 200 copies was pressed, which have since sold out. Since then, Eric has continued to fine tune his songwriting and production abilities, producing various local artists in his recording studio while continuing work on his own music.

In 2008 Eric released his second album, Origins Unknown, under his own name. The album is an eclectic mix of acoustic guitars, lush harmonies, memorable melodies and studio wizardry. Think Beatles meets Radiohead meets Jeff Buckley meets Aphex Twin meets countless other influences. Or just listen to the music and hear for yourself!

To acquire your copy of Origins Unknown go here:

Or alternately you can email and buy it from him direct.

Survive is a shimmery pop tune filled with lush pads, found sound percussion, pitch shifted guitars and a wicked bassline to carry it along.

Alternative Pop Rock
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Under a Frozen Sun
Kind of sad, kind of enchanted, one masks the other. The lyrics are probably inspired by girls I've known. The music is whatever chord/melody combination was moving me at the time. I tend to gravitate towards major-minor key contrasts in much of what I write. The production took shape around an old 12 string guitar someone gave me that hadn't been restrung for a couple decades, had a very dusty yet sharp sound (it doesn't appear until the first chorus, but it became the theme that gave this

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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Remix Eric's song Origins Unknown at:

Eric's new album Origins Unknown was recently reviewed here:
""...Hogg writes and records smart, smooth, cerebral pop music that is extremely focused and genuine. Eric played almost all of the instruments and did all the vocals himself. But instead of sounding like a one-man project...his music sounds extraordinarily well-rounded and full.""

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Eric Hogg