cyber rock from planet elliot
(canis major dwarf - galaxy)

::like elliot::

like elliot are three ambassadors from planet elliot
(canis major dwarf - galaxy).

they came to earth to tell their story.

and music is the best way to spread the message...

::the ambassadors::

| vali elliot |
he is the lead singer, guitarist and pianist of like elliot. through his jazz-influenced guitar play, he manages to create a well-regulated chaos of sound. a harmonic basis generated by tim and rol, enables vali to unfold his creativity and this drives him and this band colleagues into new musical directions.

| rol elliot |
the basslines of this man could not be less typical. he likes to play his bass guitar in a very melodic way, and his style is influenced by his witty charm. his frequent use of the effects pedal to create different sounds or distortions increase the recognizability value of like elliot’s music.

| tim elliot |
one characteristic of the band’s drummer are his fast and extensive fill ins, which help to bring in his own, unique style into their diversified music; as well as to add a leitmotif/thread/central theme.

like elliot

richard hartner
chimaira production
phone:: +43(o)65o/69-119-69


like elliot - Song 65071

h h

like elliot - Song 65073

h h

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