Sharon Bousquet has won numerous awards for her concise, imagistic, emotive songwriting (Austin Songwriters Group Inspirational and Jazz categories; BW Stevenson Singer-Songwriter finalist; essay winner for ASG and Kerrville folk song school contests, etc.). Sharon has recently placed various songs from the new TEMPLE CD into two films, ""Cosmic Radio"" and ""Sister Patchouli"". Ms. Bousquet will receive a scoring credit for instrumental music in ""Cosmic Radio"" (see IMDB). Genres: AAA; Acoustic pop; Folk; Singer-songwriter; jazzy blues.

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7/6/2008 3:19:24 PM

I'd love to listenbut I think there is a problem with streaming?



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NEW BAND! Beaucoup Shakti ""Boo-coo Shock-T""

Award-winning songwriter/acoustic composer Sharon Bousquet has joined forces with multi-instrumentalist Eric Hurlin and vocalist Heather Love to form Beaucoup Shakti. Guest vocalist Gemma Cohen (RockPaperScissors!) extends the vocal harmonies when she's not studying music at U of I. Band shows coming soon - check the myspace calendar!
THIS IS AN AWESOME INTRODUCTION TO HOSTING A HOUSE CONCERT! Bring your favorite artist, songwriter or small ensemble to your home, church, yard etc. by hosting a house concert. It's easy and always an experience to remember for you, the artist and all of your grateful friends. Check it out! With the price of gas and hotel stays, this is becoming a necessary way to make touring make sense. Love to all, S.B.
7/6/2008 10:19:18 PM
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Sharon Bousquet ""Boo-skay""