Birthdate:June 18, 1982
Height: 5'6
weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Songwritting is one of Jenae's true passions. Her lyrics and melody lines come right from her heart. People that listen to her music are drawn into her emotion and meaning of each song. When performing live people seem to stop and listen, almost like they are entranced with her performance. Jenae is an artist that can sing live just as well or better than her produced product. Jenae has extensive experience with live venues. She loves the feeling of being up on stage and sharing her music with everyone.

- Extensive vocal Training from the age of two to present day
- Basic Dance Training in Hip/Hop and Country
- Basic Instrumental Training and Theory in Piano and Guitar
- Intermediate Vocal Production knowledge in a studio set up

WEBSITES: you can find me on

No More
This is about a girl that is tired of being treated poorly by men so she sings about it. Kinda like a girl anthem!

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Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Just email Jenae at and sign up to be part of the street team to get her name out there!!

Jenae is one of the most versatile artists you will ever meet. You can give her a song you wrote with no lyrics and no words and no thought and she can give you back a "Great" song by the next day. Jenae is very talented. She puts her entire soul into her work.

Jenae plays some piano and writes some of her songs including "In a box" which Corey Johnson her Country and Pop Rock producer added drums, guitar and made it the song it is today. Jenae is also working with some beats from ANSANE. Those will be released soon to listen to.

Jenae loves Pop Rock Country & R&B. Basically any kind of music you like Jenae could do. She is that talented.

These are some of her accomplishments:

1. Developed her own publishing company "Natural Melody Publishing" 2007 Currently has over 250 songs in her hands
2. Has had three of her hit songs used in the show "Made" for MTV USA.
3. Has had three of her hit songs used in independent films between 2004-2008
4. Jenae has done many interviews on internet radio 2002-2008
5. Jenae has had one collaboration song aired on "Saturday Night Live" in a skit. She collaborated with "Smidi" another great producer!

Jenae is hoping to get her career fully lifted off the ground in 2008. So support her and her efforts in making the best music she can and getting it everywhere she can. So if you like Jenae as an artist share this page with as many people as you can. Word of mouth is the best marketing any artist can ever get. That is Jenae's moto.
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