Diarmuid O`Driscoll - Vocals, Guitars
Diarmuid Upton - Vocals, Piano
James Sadlier - Vocals, Guitar
Andy Mooney - Bass guitar
Kevin Lindfield - Drums

The Fontaines are a Limerick based band who formed in September 2007. After a long and debauched summer gigging in Crete, me (O`Driscoll) and Upty decided to set up a band. We recruited The very experienced Andy Mooney for Bass, the king of Rock`n`roll james Sadlier for the ladies, and Kevin Lindfield for his wisdom and manegerial skills. Still at the very beginning of the journey we are only starting to find our sound and learning to write some songs. Have a listen if you get a chance and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Take Care,
The Fontaines

Georgia Why

h h

Promises of paradise

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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The Fontaines