Ade - guitar, ideas, discipline...... Kev - Bass, ideas, crazed visions...... Russ - Vocals, ideas, lyrics, psychosis.................. Been working together over ten years intermittently; fallen out, fallen in, shaken it about, beaten it up a bit. Got bored, then got excited all over again. Bit like a marriage. With 3 people. Well, 3 guys. so nothing like a marriage then. Moved house. Moved country. Moved bowels. Had accidents, learned to walk. Learned to sing. Gave birth to a new sound. And a few kids. Grew older, maybe wiser. Kept learning and believing; never stopped travelling.

Lie Big hope that Severed rocks you, we think it kicks ass.

A track about being pushed just a little too far. Taken from the new Lie Big album - Severed. Please contact for cd ordering information. Visit for further details

Hard Rock
h h

When....... remember those times, before responsibility? Taken From the new Lie Big album - Severed. Contact for further information and to order the CD. Visit for further details

Hard Rock
h h

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album coverLIE BIG: Severed

Brooding, heavy, melodic uncompromising grunge metal. Like wading through a sludge of heavy riffs, crunching guitars and haunting vocals. Think Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, STP and King's X in a blender full of filth.

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