Dan Pinto is a veteran multi-keyboardist and drummer/percussionist that composes music in Jazz-Rock Fusion, New Age and Orchestral Moviesound styles. He has written music for national and international television as well as independent film & industrial video. Dan currently has six audio CDs available and he's produced, directed and written the soundtrack for his own full length independent film. He continues working with film producers and releasing audio CDs, his latest of which is his first Jazz-Rock fusion CD in quite some time. For more info on his latest CD release, read "Artist News." shown in the lower right side of this page.
For more details about Dan Pinto including a full discography with MP3s from all his CDs, Dan's music work for film, photos, reviews, interviews, video clips and much more, visit the "Dan Pinto Official Website," at the link shown below on the right side of this page.

Funk Shui
Very funky bass rhythm with jazzy piano & keyboards.

Jazz Rock Fusion
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A powerfully technical instrumental highlighting both Dan Pinto's Keyboard playing and Ivan Romero's electric guitar work.

Progressive Instrumental Rock
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"ANOMALIES" is Dan Pinto's latest CD release and one that has been much anticipated. It is getting a great deal of attention with it's unique blending of film & fusion music styles. Dan blends Jazz-Rock Fusion with Orchestral Film Soundtrack and in doing so, creates a very unique combination as a result. Bringing in three very talented musicians to add more dimension to this CD, Dan has also retained some eliments of modern Jazz with real reeds and woodwinds and has included a power ballad piece with a female vocalist as well as two rock guitar fusion tracks.
The music track titles and the visuals of the packaging all stem from unusual or mystifying events. The packaging even offers a crossword puzzle based on Anomalies of varying types. His website offers a chance for anyone to win his new CD for FREE, if you can solve a riddle based on clues that are embedded within the site. Visit his official website from the Artist links on this page shown just below to find out more about it.
Subtlely Powerful
Fine Alabasta

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