Sally Strawberry-vocalist/songwriter

My first professional work as a vocalist came in the form of a session with popular dance act Saint Etienne in 1990. I continued to work in this genre after meeting dance duo Surge in 1997. After writing and recording together for just a couple months, Millennium Records expressed interest in our work and eventually released Cold air, a Surge/ Strawberry original. Remixes of Cold air and our cover of Gershwin’s Summertime also appeared on several dance compilations. I later decided to continue my work with the band as a session artist, thus yielding a couple of well reviewed singles and air play on Pete Tong’s essential collection, XFM and a number of other radio programs.
In 1999, I met music programmer Ned Douglas. Ned’s high profile client list includes top artists such as Dave Stewart, Mick Hucknall, Atomic kitten and Blue. The result of which was an album worth of ambient, laid back tracks very much suited to my bluesy vocal/writing style.
I recently worked on the European blues circuit. My tours in France have included festivals in Beauvais, Belle–Isle–En–Terre and Cognac and have all proved hugely successful.
I'm currently working on a variety of new projects whilst continuing to write and record for my forthcoming album.

"The strong vocals of Sally Strawberry are decidedly up-market, clear and articulate.
“Borrowed time” brings to mind Led Zeppellin’, Robert plant could do this song as much vocal justice as Sally does!"
Frank Franklin (Blueprint Magazine Editor).

"A singer with a sensual and velvety yet powerful voice!
Sally’s vocal incantations are captivating and heart-warming!
I remain spellbound by her fresh voice!"
Joel Bizon (B.C.R. Magazine).

"Tremendous voice!
Will have everyone singing along!"
Rick Lacey (Blues Matters magazine)

EP available at:

Come back to bed

h h


h h

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3/4/2008 1:24:24 PM
thank you so much---------I can assure you we are very impressed by your musicality----and originality


The Man With No Band

3/3/2008 5:17:21 PM
Welcome to the PARTY !!! Nice work ... especially enjoyed "Come Back to Bed" ...


Hugh Hamilton

2/24/2008 10:52:11 AM
Hi, Sally, and welcome! I'm enjoying a listen to "Come Back To Bed"...Andy sent me your way...hope you'll have lots of fun here...


Andy Broad

2/21/2008 9:10:02 AM
P.S. Now I've just got to work on getting Della here :-)

Andy Broad

2/21/2008 9:00:44 AM
Hi Sally,
Let me be the first to welcome you to IAC. I allready know you're music so I;ve added both tracks to my station!



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Sally Strawberry