The band bloomed and laid roots on the late 2002 with the fusion of bandmates from Loudbliss & Cold Weathered Summer, both breaking new bands that had experienced members in their lineups. Firstly TKR started out composing some songs, everyone noticed when it went public that the band was something different. Mixing up Rock, Metal , Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop & Latin beats their first EP: The Cheesecutting Revenge, was nicely accepted among the public, with songs like Reassembly, their first single and She, the most prefered tune from the record. After numerous presentations and a constant participation on the Local Rock Scene, the band accomplished to win the public's ears during the year of 2003, turning itself into one of the most followed bands of the year in course. ""Home is where you take the first step."" - Chino said - refering to their plans on moving outside the country, and slowly it has happened. TKR has gone a bit further thanks to the Internet and file sharing (Activity considered ASSASIN of the MUSIC). ""We have a lot to be grateful for."" ""We've gone ahead on our plans thanks to this massive communication service."" As a step foward people from places around the world have set their pointers upon the band's website and have listened, liked, bought the album and followed the band upclose from the comodity of their home. Today the band is working out on their LP album, along with their new Drummer, Gandhy González Comprés who joined the crew after the departure of their former Drummer, Francisco Molina because of personal reasons and with their new Stringman Luis Miguel Gil after former Guitarrist Hugo Molina parted the band. The new album will feature 13 songs, part of the new sound and style that TKR has addopted during the composition process. ""This is only the start."" ""We're sweating our blood and taking all the time we need to make music how we feel it."" Definately promessing and breathtaking, the songs of the new album manifest not only the momentary feeling but the true feeling in whole. The lyrics, the music, the momentaneous rushes are really something else, something really worth listening to.


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