Welcome to my IAC page!

If you don't already know me, I'm the guitar player and lead vocalist for the rock band "Lieder".

I'm constantly writing and recording music both with and without my band-mates, it's just what I do best. When I write and develop songs that I feel are more suited for my vocal style and when I feel as though they just wouldn't work or be successful for the band, I record them on my own in my home studio and post them here so that all of you can listen to them.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be posting new songs too often, because the band takes up just about all of my time these days. I'll try my best to post new songs as frequent as possible, but it certainly will be a challenge for me at this time.

While my top priority is to always write tunes for the band first, I sometimes find that my ideas are just too different from what my other mates are musically looking for. Rather than alter the songs to "become" Lieder songs, I usually prefer to just keep them as I heard them inside of my head and let it be.

My plans for the future are to continue to write, record and perform live with Lieder above anything else that I do musically, I can't express that enough. However, I like to think of this page as my own personal space where I can be free to express my musical talents and opinions outside of the band.

Since I probably won't ever perform any of the songs posted on this page live with the band or formally release them on an official CD, you can download the songs for .99 cents each from this site.

I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy creating it for all of you!


-Mike Kosturko

Answer My Call
This is a dark, bittersweet song about our passion for the love of life!

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Remember (Demo)
This song is for everyone who longs for the times of our innocence, when we didn't have a care in the world and life was new and exciting!

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

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10/28/2008 12:09:42 PM
you are welcome my young friend. . . you deserve to be heard. . .

to love is to endure




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