Fuser have fast become one of the new outstanding rock acts to appear on the scene and with their high energy performance and quintessential, quirky front man they are sure to go a long way.
The band has completed filming the video for “You Will Know”, this time with the support of their first grant from NZOA. It is currently playing on C4TV and ALT TV.

'The Rules'
Strong grinding rif coupled with big harmonies. A brooding piece for the "Stand up and say what you feel" person.

Hard Rock
h h

You will know
Pop Rock for the nostalgic at heart. Don't have to think to hard about this 1. Just havin a bit of fun.

Pop Rock
h h

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3/31/2008 3:22:18 AM
Its April and we have been going hard in the studio. We have 2 new songs with 1 more coming along. Just gotta add the finishing touches and.................



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August is almost gone. We've got the new studio all booked and working hard on pre production. Will be tracking some new tunes in a couple of weeks. Nearly finished the 1st single from the new album. CU soon
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