The Midnight Flyers

The Midnight Flyers have a style heavily rooted in the blues, ranging from slow to up tempo and rockin’. Their sound hints at George Thorogood, ZZ Top, and Robben Ford. Gritty vocals, attacking guitar riffs, and a solid, rhythmic groove give this three-piece the ability to please any audience.

The members of The Midnight Flyers have come together from a variety of other local bands to create a solid bond with a tight, well crafted sound. Their latest CD, titled “Out of the Blues” has been getting favorable reviews from local radio DJs. Each track has been extensively road-tested, slowly evolving to the recorded versions found here. Their tight background vocals add a pleasing foundation to the mix.

Band Members

John Freel (The Doctor): Bass guitars, mandolin, acoustic, vocals. John’s gritty whiskey voice, and solid bass lines help form the backbone of the band. Born in Austin Texas, he brings over 15 years of experience playing the bass in local bands. John has also enjoyed the opportunity to sit in with bands in Canada and Europe, as well as various locations in California.

Mark Tuttle (Too Tall): Guitar, vocals. A passionate and intense player, Mark’s smoking tone gives him great versatility with a guitar. Originally a drummer in Bay Area bands, he honed his guitar chops through GIT extension programs. Mark has played in many local bands, winning talent contests, and a “battle of the jammers”. His experience includes over fifteen years of playing clubs, and he has opened for such bands as John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Coco Montoya, and Walter Trout. Mark’s unique solo style has been given positive reviews by Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records.

Chas Benedict (Thunderhoof) - Drums, percussion, vocals. Coming out of the San Diego music scene, Chas brings a unique style of drumming to the band. His Latin percussion studies and his work with the Merced College jazz band, combine with his rock 'n roll and blues background to provide a distinct flavor to the rhythm. Chas has also taken his craft into the theater providing the beat for local productions at Playhouse Merced and the Merced College Theater program.

Highway 99

Blues Rock
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Blues Rock
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The Midnight Flyers