Elm Bank are an English rock band formed in Nottingham. Influenced by legends such as The Doors and Deep Purple but with a modern feel. The five piece band plays many styles ranging from Blues, classic rock to progressive rock. Elm Bank's approach to music is both fresh and original. The lyrical themes discuss various topics untouched by the majority of other rock bands.

Walls Of Stone
Walls Of Stone is on track 4 of Sea Of Lies. The music contains many complex classic rock elements.

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Psychic Prison
Psychic prison is on track 2 of Sea Of Lies. It's lyrics (see below) portray the hidden side of society.

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Elm Bank is currently developing it's debut album "Sea Of Lies". The album incorperates many syles, from rock to blues and contains truely unique lyrical themes/poety.

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Elm Bank