"Edginess with Elegance"

A young American Singer/Songwriter/Actress comes from the world of musical theatre into the world of art rock. Songs from ther 2008 release "Poet" continue to gain popularity, chart placement, airplay, featured in motion pictures, and more! Her work features a blend of classical, rock, and pop vocals over symphonic metal, progressive rock, new age, ambient, and celtic/world.


Tiffany was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA on October 25, 1980. She is the oldest of four children (all girls). She got her earliest influences in music from her grandparents who were both musicians. In her early years, she was very much influenced by film musicals such as The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, and The King and I to only name a few. Throughout the years, she picked up several musical instruments including the piano, violin, acoustic guitar, and accordion. She would always spend hours as a child listening to music and singing in her bedroom. She began studying dance at the age of three (tap and ballet; she picked up jazz dance at the age of 7) with Kathy Burke (niece of famed dancer/actor, Gene Kelly) and continued to study throughout school and into college (later picking up modern dance, lyrical dance, and hip hop dance).

At age 11, she had to sing a solo for a tap number she was doing for a dance recital. Most who heard her sing for the first time where genuinely impressed and suggested to her mother to enroll Tiffany in vocal lessons. Tiffany began her voice lessons at the age of 12 and performed in several vocal recitals, concerts, and choirs. She also began perusing another passion of hers which was musical theatre. At age 13, she attended the Encore Music Camp of Pennsylvania at Wilkes University located in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a full summer where she majored in Musical Theatre. She greatly enjoyed the classes which consisted of musical repertoire classes, solfegio classes, vocal theory classes, acting while singing, and acting classes. She enjoyed performing in the camp's productions even more which included an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical revue and a Shakespearean play, The Comedy of Errors. She continued to study at Wilkes University throughout the school year at Wilkes Community Conservatory, the fall and winter version of 'Encore.' That included acting classes, private voice lessons, concert choir, and a musical theatre class all geared toward high school students. She studied voice with accomplished opera vocalist and theatre veteran, Eileen Hannisch. She also had some music studies with Alan Baker and Sue Kelly. Along with performing with the Conservatory, she began performing in local and regional theatre companies including the Music Box Dinner Playhouse, and The Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre including the much sought after role of Tuptim in The King and I. Other productions included being a principle dancer in productions of Oklahoma, Me and My Girl, and Jesus Christ Superstar. She also had opera roles: Betty Parris (at age 13) in The Crucible, and Third Spirit (age 15) in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Magic Flute. The summer before her senior year of high school, she attended the prestigious pre-college program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA where she majored in Musical Theatre. After graduating high school in June of 1998, she moved with her family to Pittsburgh, PA. That fall, she attended Seton Hill University and majored in musical theatre. She quickly got involved with the Pittsburgh theatre scene. After she finished filming a role for a local horror film (that later was distributed by Troma Entertainment), she returned to theatre. She auditioned for a new production entitled Whispers Want to Holler at the Kuntu Repertory Theatre, a multicultural theatre group. She won the part of one of two Free Style Jazz Singers. This role presented Tiffany with the challenge of singing in a style different than what she had been trained to do, but she took the challenge head on. She ended up being a part of the world premiere of Marta Effinger's Whispers Want to Holler and had the honor and privelege of meeting and working with internationally acclaimed jazz saxaphonist, Billy Harper (who had written original music for the production). After that, she won the role of Brenda in the play Lovers and Other Strangers with Stage Right. During production for Lovers, she auditioned for an upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof. Once again, she won a much coveted role; the part of Hodel , Tevye's second daughter which was a dream role for Tiffany. After Fiddler wrapped, she continued to do theatre roles including a principle dancer in Kiss of the Spider Woman, Paige Harper in Ed Wood Slept Here, and Dr. Charlotte in Falsettos. She recieved great reviews for her role as Marvel Ann in Charles Busch's Psycho Beach Party She also became involved with children's theatre at The Gemini Theatre playing roles such as Princess Jasmine (Aladdin), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Pocahontas, and Snow White. She later found herself wanting to fulfill a longtime childhood dream of hers: becoming a recording artist. She ended up communicating with Jason English (in the summer of 2006), whom she met on the set of the horror film. Jason was a film composer and had played in bands for 23 years since age 14. Jason had been interested in using Tiffany's operatic vocals in some film scores, but instead they began to work on music which would later become music for her debut album. In December 2006, Tiffany released the haunting, ethereal pop ballad, "Ghost" to the internet. "Ghost" was met with great enthusiasm from listeners. Shortly after, the alternative rock/industrial goth influenced track "Porcelain Doll" and the gothic rock song 'with a funk beat' titled "A Prayer" was released. In February 2007, the now out of print Porcelain Doll EP was released. The tracklist included the three released songs. In July of 2007, the Ghost EP made it's premiere on the Cleveland, Ohio based entertainment tv program, The Jay Rossi Project. It had a slightly different tracklist: "Ghost," the symphonic rock ballad "Free," and a remix of "Ghost." After releasing the EPs, Tiffany and Jason continued writing and recording tracks for Tiffany's full length debut album while promoting the EPs. The tracks were beginning to recieve radio play from a few internet radio stations and some music websites and music fans were beginning to take interest in the music. They recorded much of the album on their home studio equipment self producing sometimes with the help of friends and musicians, Mark Kapsha and Michael Jantho. Toward the end of recording the album, they met Rowan Poole of the internationally acclaimed progressive rock band, Persephone's Dream. They ended up recording the last two tracks (Warrior and Whispers) at Rowen's studio, StarGlider Studios, and even mixed the Ghost Remix there. Tiffany's debut album ' Poet', was released on February 26, 2008. The album was met with overall positive reviews from music critics and fans from around the world. She and Jason embarked on a Warm Up Tour and then the Poet Tour in promotion of the album. The tour made it's way to Ohio, New York, Virginia, Kentucky, New Jersey, and various towns and cities in Pennsylvania. The music also made it's way onto over 50 radio stations (internet, independant, and college) worldwide varying from metal stations to goth stations to progressive rock to pop to alternative rock. Songs from Poet were also selected to appear on compilation CDs including the UK released Cats n Clawz CD released by Fireworks Magazine and a darkwave/goth compilation CD titled Lunar Sea being put out by Shinto Records. She is also working on collaborations with other artists and bands and has shared the stage with a variety of acts ranging from the accoustic/New Age/ French Pop act, The Gypsy Nomads to the Motley Crue influenced AudioBurn to G Tom Mac (who wrote the theme song to The Lost Boys and Fast Times at Ridgemont High). She has performed in just as wide of a variety of venues including Art Galleries (Gallaria at Erieview in Cleveland,OH and The Art Center in Butler, PA), smaller intimate shows in acoustic venues (Arabica Coffeehouse in Canton, OH), to the rock n roll clubs (Club Diablo in Buffalo, NY and The Annex in New York, NY) and film conventions/trade shows/festivals. Tiffany's sets include songs from her album, but she has also been known to throw in a traditional Celtic/English folk song and sometimes (depending on the venue) she'll throw in an opera aria like "The Black Swan" from the opera, The Medium or a song like "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. She has also acted in a few indie films and will be having some of her songs featured on the soundtracks. In the fall of 2009, she will begin filming The Girl which stars Corey Haim and Lindsay Felton. In December of 2008, she wrapped up her 2008 Poet Tour and is currently in the final dates of 2009 Poet Tour. Also in the studio this year writing and recording her second album which is slated for a 2010 release. Also a visual artist, Tiffany's oil pastel Portal: Passageway to Heaven was selected to be included in the Bridging Heaven and Earth International Art Gallery Project in Los Angeles, CA. Her eye for visual art has also assisted her well in the creation of her music videos and her stage shows for her concerts. In 2008, Apan and English founded Poets Labyrinth Productions. In 2009, they formed the Poets Labyrinth Record Label to which both artists are signed.

"“Tiffany Apan has a voice that would make Tori Amos Grin From Below. Dark Slow Melodic Vocals to guide who hear from Ashes to Dust! Haunted you will be no more! So speaks Herlaka!"-Herlaka Rose, Grins From Below Reviewzine/Beyond the Dark Horizon Magazine

"I love Poet!"! -Jeffrey F.M. Smith, Major League Music (worked with Boyz2Men, Harold Lilly Jr, and Mya)

"“…Tiffany Apan, who ends up taking you to the worlds of stone castles, chains and darkness, as if a Celtic priestess Prayers were elevated to nature"! -Ciro Velasquez, Eufonia Radio and Reviews

"“At her best, Tiffany blows you away with atmospheric rock"! -DJ Grumpy, DJ Grumpy’s Cranky Recommendations Vol 2, Music World Radio

"I love the feel of it and am very intrigued by it. I have to add that feelings like this are why I left commercial radio..." .”-Gene Godferey, Host/Producer of Classic FM Radio (Z889/WBZC) The Album-Friendly Intimacy Of Progressive FM Radio With Exclusive Interviews Since 1979

"(on Poet) Tiffany has crafted a debut album that should make her a presence to be reckoned with...The album's ambitious title is very well founded; Apan's certainly a Poet and a good one at that."-Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafe

"(on Poet) "The spectrum in which Tiffany Apan's music is percieved by the human ear is perhaps on the smoothest and most elegant frequency of metal imaginable."-MaxDoom, Grins From Below ReviewZine

"Awesome Voice!" ~Wolf of M2Live Radio's 'Wolf and Gonzy Show

"Great Voice! Very nice to listen to!"~Angel of Mirus of MirusMusic.com

Tiffany on the Radio:
Deadpit Radio (US), GMS Radio (US), Nocturne UK (United Kingdom), Faery Voices (US), M2Live Radio (US), Sonic Cathedral (US), Prog Cafe: 'Heavenly Hell' (Norway), Radio Phoniex (Wales/Northern Ireland), The Nobodies Curse (US), MIXXSTUDIOS Radio (US), Kenyon Music (US), Oxbow Free Radio (US), Nature Enter Me! Radio (US), Karma Caffe (US), Letters to the Dead (US), Station Mu (US), Jambalaya Gumbo Groupings (US), Unique (Germany), and many more!

Tiffany in Magazines:
Crawling Tunes Magazine (Germany), Artist Reveiew Today (US)

Tiffany on TV:
The Jay Rossi Project (US), All 4 the Music (coming soon-US), Eerie Frequency (coming soon-US)

Debut album, "Poet" due out in January of 2008. Look for it soon in the following stores:

INTERNET- Amazon, CDBaby, FYE, Sonic Cathedral, Projekt, SNOCAP, iTunes, DigStation, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, PayPlay, eMusic, and all other major online music stores

IN STORE SALES: Dave's Music Mine (US), The Exchange (US), Eides (US), Incredibly Strange Video (US), Half Price Books (US), Eljay's Used Books (US), Moonstones (US), some Borders locations (US-check website for locations), some Joseph-Beth Booksellers locations (US-check website for locations)

Tiffany Apan Ringtones at MyxerTones.com!

A dark, ethereal song that can take the listener away into another dimension.

Ambient Space Music
h h

Rock ballad with inspirational lyrics

h h

Run Away and Hide
Thought provoking lyrics with a stirring melody

h h

Ghost (Nether Realm version)
Another version of the song, "Ghost."

ambient space groove
h h

Ashes to Dust
A Symphonic Rock/Metal song

h h

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Susan Raven

12/4/2007 4:29:10 AM
Hi Tiffany - lovely vocals and lovely music! The whole arrangement on Ghost is simply splendid, while Free is so different, nice big sound, excellent work!
Enjoy IAC.
All the best, Susan and Satch.


12/4/2007 3:25:45 AM
welcome to this jungle of rock-------



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September 5, 2009
Made it to round 3 in the KIAC Best of 2009 in the Alternative Pop Rock Category! Cast your vote today:)

August 26, 2009

"Ashes to Dust" music video released! Premiering on YMSTV, my youtube channel, and more to come!

August 1. 2009

Featured Band of the Month on the Long Haired Hawt Ladies website!

Feb 20, 2009

Spotlight Article on Collect Sounds


Feb 2, 2009

Song "Ghost" selected to be on a record label release!

Debut album "Poet" selected as one of Ray Dorsey's Top 10 Albums for 2008 at


December 27, 2008

Tiffany Apan YouTube Channel up and running at http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyApan

"Run Away and Hide" music video available at IndiMusicTV (NY), Music Corner TV (Croatia), and The Jay Rossi Project (Ohio).

May 18, 2008

'Poet' gets more postive press in current issue of the magazine, Outcast Fanzine (produced and distributed in Greece) and also garnered a positive review on RaysRealm!


April 15, 2008
Guest Appearance on Recluse Radio tonight, Featured Artist on TheBeat.fm, album available on Amazon.com!

March 26, 2008
'Ghost' has number 8 spot on TheBeat.fm's music charts!

March 3, 2008
As of February 26, 2008 my debut album "Poet" is now available for public consumption! Visit the following link to learn how you can purchase the album AND have a chance to win an autographed copy!

January 1, 2008
Preorder debut album, 'Poet!' Send a payment of $13 ($10 for album, $3 for shipping and handling) via paypal to PoetsLabyrinthMusic@gmail.com

December 17, 2007
I will be featured in two more magazines: Twisted Dreams Magazine (US), and Outcast Fanzine (Greece)!

December 15, 2007
Tour dates are now up! More info at http://www.myspace.com/tiffanyapanmusic

December 3, 2007

The online webzine,Mandrakes Gazette is rerunning their article on me for the month of December:) Check it out at http://www.freewebs.com/mandrakesgazette

December 1, 2007

~The webzine, Mandrake's Gazette, is running their biography on me again this month. Check out the article at http://www.freewebs.com/mandrakesgazette

Nov 30, 2007

~Hey everyone,

The release of the second single, "Run Away and Hide" is being pushed from December 1, 2007 (today) to December 5, 2007 (only a few days!) due to production reasons.

Also pick up a copy of the third issue of 'Crawling Tunes Magazine' with a little article about me and an ad for my album featured. I will also be featured in the latest issue of 'Artist Review Today.' A big thank you to Tyves and Jack for these opportunities.



I am also featured on two new radio stations: The Nobodies Curse and Kenyon Music. Both stations can be found on KIAC Internet Radio.

Well, I'm pretty fried so I'm going to bed soon!


November 29, 2007

~Tiffany Apan Warm Up Mini Tour
December, 21 2007 at Sheffield Lanes
818 Raccoon St, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 15001
Cost :

I’m headlining this holiday show! Opening band TBA.

~Featured in the latest issue of the German magazine, 'Crawling Tunes' Magazine' released November 25, 2007
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