**Reviews for “Breaking the Ground Loop”:
“We love what we do and hearing bands like Imaginary bill suddenly pop up on our radar brings into focus the `why` of what Not Lame does. This is guitar-driven power pop, big on hooky, riff-driven incantations, lovely layered vocals over the driving backbeat and relentless `take on all comers` sequencing of the 10 songs here, which is perfect as the album does not over stay its welcome with too much material making each song count. [...] Extremely Highly Recommended!” - Not Lame
“This is some of the most well crafted, catchiest, power pop music I’ve heard in awhile. I love the leadoff track ""bleed"". It has a real garage pop feel and its tasty opening guitar riff pulls you right in. This is as good and sometimes better than anything Matthew Sweet or Marshall Crenshaw ever released. It has the mandatory Beatles influences but with a Big Star/Alex Chilton edge to it. Lots of interesting things going on here. Check it out, you won’t be sorry. - Ear Candy
” In summation, the hooks are in place, it's easy on the ear and the ideal album to listen to whilst chilling with a beer. Now if that isn't an encouragement, I don't know what is.” -Alternative Rock Review
“Their Weezer/Beatles/Splitsville/
Radiohead sound is top notch, and this album is thick with winning tracks. Imaginary bill is miles ahead of all of the self proclaimed emo bands saturating the radio waves today. There must be a place for this band. Really REALLY good stuff”. -Popbang
**Reviews for “Imaginary bill”:
I've never once said the word excellent in response YET to an unsigned band.
I have now."" -Crud UK
""This is a great record, and you know I don't say that often...This is the real deal, kids! Hard for me to pick a fave from a dozen winners..."" -Demo Universe
""kind of like Weezer, Nirvana, and XTC, with some Beatle influence somewhere in there…it's a great disc…a trio going the extra mile for your listening pleasure"" -NY Rock
""insanely catchy...quality indie rock. Congratulations are certainly in order."" -Indieville
""Good hooks, some interesting riffing, and a solid rhythm section topped off by some expressive vocals with good range, equals winner in my book. Good deal."" -Buddyhead
""...definitely something a little Brit, a little druggy, and a lot hook-having...weird and conventional, art and pop"" -God's of Music
""an all around cool feel that you'll get into from the opening moments of the first track. If you like guitar driven pop, then you'll enjoy this album immensely"" –hEARd
""...an example of a lot of explosives packed in a little bag...Great thing about this group - besides the loud and continuous motion, hot playing and Steve's remarkable voice - is their sense of humor."" -Music Dish
""So, it seems that guitar-pop may have a future..."" -14Sandwiches
""Jagged and foreboding, this is not your father's power-pop. Sure, it's no-frills guitar-bass-drums, catchy tunes, big choruses, and all the rest of the hallmarks that us hook-ridden junkies know, coddle, and embrace. But it's also unpredictable, with dissonant melodies that rattle and clang, song titles such as ""Polio"", ""Doped Up"", and ""O.C.D."" and brutal lyrics, e.g., ""A father stabs his son to death /Is overjoyed for silence in his mind."" In short, Imaginary bill is the kind of band that writes real potent Beatles-Oasis-Radiohead styled guitar rock but then turns around and skewers it just enough to scare off the jangle pop wimps. Be nice to these boys and maybe they'll let you live."" -The Big Takeover
""There are so many strong points to the album that it just can’t be passed off...sheer talent and application is apparent throughout the album"" -Music-Reviewer
""...a bit of the Beatles, Costello and Radiohead into a modern day mix. Rouach and Slattery definitely have a knack for singing some heavenly harmonies...no doubting that this may be one of the better self-released CDs you've heard in quite some time.""
""...a certain something that keeps you wanting to hear more...If you love the Beatles White Album, Oasis, Squeeze and even Nirvana, then you will definitely enjoy Imaginary bill."" -The Night Guide
""...you will say after the first song, ""my, that was fresh, and substantial, and well crafted, with quality lyrics, musicianship, and vocals."" What is more astonishing is you will say that after the 2nd song, and then the 3rd, and the 4th, and the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, till it just gets completely absurd..."" -Aural Fix
there's some great writing here...the chorus kicks in, and you're hooked. A hook that sounds quite Beatles-influenced, but not so much that you'd call them 'wannabes'..."" -Foundry Music
“Addictive, to-the-point Power Pop trio with a heavy Beatles leaning. But unlike most Fab Four fanatics, Imaginary bill adopts their fluid grace via smart, punchy songs with a modern slant. A sober, focused Guided By Voices, perhaps?” -Cincinnati City Beat
**Reviews for “The Special EP”:
“Imaginary bill's ""Special"" is one of the strongest independent releases we have ever gotten here at 1340mag…Good is good and great is great and Imaginary bill is great. This is THE band to watch..."" -1340Mag
""Something special."" -Amplifier Magazine
""I find myself breathlessly yelling 'More! More! More!' "" -Score Rocks
""When the disc ended after my first listen, I wished that it hadn’t...My favorite of the three is ""Special"", with its great chorus and David Bowie-like lead vocals"" -Left Off The Dial
“ Steve Rouach's strange, grim worldview finds full expression in the title track, a differently abled lament that makes Radiohead's ""Creep"" sound like a motivational tape: ""You can't play if you're up/and your syndrome is down/Just a face in a cage/when your head isn't round.” ..Special is no great departure musically from their Britpop-inspired debut, but that's fine, as I'm nowhere near tired of Imaginary bill.” -Jim Santo / Demouniverse
”From the opening song Imaginary bill grabs your attention with a nice hard riff and doesn't let go.” – Ear Candy
""...relentlessly radio-friendly, but just skewed enough to be interesting."" –Splendid
""'Charles M.', is a great example; right from you're first listen, the melody will slip into your head and be the subject of much humming to follow."" -Indieville
""The three songs on Special are brilliantly written, beautifully arranged and immaculately produced, and after a solid week of listening I still can't wrestle this sucker off my stereo...traceable to the quirky melodies and venomous lyrics of Elvis Costello...catchy and gigantic as a Cheap Trick stadium rocker...a mature, sophisticated pop band worth any and everyone's attention"" -Deep Fry Bonanza

(From "Breaking The Ground Loop" Sportin Co. Records)
 - reached Top 5 on KIAC Big 50  

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