The David Michael Project is David Michael Morrison from Chicago IL.

A guitar player, David began his journey into music at the age of 5. He came from a world of influences. The biggest being his father who played in a trio with the great Herbie Hancock and Jack De-Johnette. His father later went on to record and play with some of the great jazz musicians of his and our time.

David's aunt Charlotte Crossley was another influence in his life. She sang backup for Bette Milder as one of the Harlettes. During the mid nineties, David was introduced to the world of Electronica and has never looked back.

Today at the age of 46 he is working on his first fully self produced CD (Chasing The Sound Vol1 The Noise in My Head). Check out the tracks, leave your thoughts, thanx for your support. PEACE, LOVE, BLESSINGS....

Visit the official site of The David Michael project at

Smokey, downtempo, very chilled. Hope you can dig it.

Down Tempo Electronic
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his is an all out House track. I am trying my hand at mastering my own tracks. I am determined to learn it ...check out the mix down as well as the track. ... PEACE!!

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Chicago IL USA
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'Stay With Me" by The David Michael Get it on the AfterLife compilation
"Private Beach Club vol2"!!

The 2disk CD is a limited addition housed in a custom tin container.

Thanx for your support!!
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The David Michael Project