Hi there, I'm Michael Santos from Austin Texas. My music is melodic hard rock. It's mainly guitar oriented and intrumental. Currently I write, record and produce all of my music. I am striving to have my music heard by as many people as humanly possible through MySpace and other social networking sites that are music oriented. I'm looking to find a group/agency etc that is interested in helping me take my music, vision and potential to the next level. My music as it is in its current format should only be viewed as a springboard to something bigger and better. I truely believe and have faith in myself and in what I'm capable of. Nothing else has been so clear. With this being said, all your comments, feedback and opinions are strongly encouraged. Looking forward to your correspondence and direction moving forward.

A scorcher of a tune! It's an instrumental piece with a tone and vibe that will cut through your soul and just about any sound out there.

Melodic Hard Rock
h h

Hold on to your Dreams
Intrumental Hard Rock

Hard Rock
h h

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