The Golden Dove is the musical expression of myself, James Rutzen. I have been playing music for a very long time in bands ranging from punk to emo to metal and in my career as a musician I've never really fit in with any bands very well, never really fitting the tastes of what other band members have desired, so I started to do solo songs, generally with just me and my acoustic guitar. The most fruitful experiences I've had with other musicians has been one on one, such as the period in time I spent playing guitar with another guy where all we did was we would play the same song, generally a more inticate and varying one with solos, and we would spend time weaving in and out of each other's riffs staying within certain chord triads and scales so as to stay in harmony, but adding an intricate dance of sounds. These experiences and my own journey through art, music, theater, and writing, has led up to my now current one man band of exploratory, experimental, and artistically expressive music. The subject of my songs range from a meditative instrumental based on one of the energy flows through the chakras leading to liberation of constrained energy to the story of Joseph Plunkett who was the leader of the Easter Party in Ireland and the ten minutes he had to spend with his wife to say goodbye right after their wedding in the chapel of the jail (Kilmainham) he was held in and right before he was to be executed. Please take a few minutes and listen to a few of my songs and should you feel the urge to send any comments my way, please do so. And should you like it, the songs I have on my myspace profile are from my latest album "Entertaining Impulses" which I am selling in my snocap store for $2.00, which mostly all goes to snocap so that I can offer my album for distribution. I don't care about the money, I just care about getting my music to a wider audience and expressing myself to as many people as will listen.

Simple Flower
A slowly building ambiotic rise into a culminating undulation of lulling rhythmic guitars and a spoken word poetic retelling of a night past.

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