Around 2005 came Sebastian Gonzalez, a Latin artist so great he didn't need a band approaches to attain international recognition; he simply needed to write, sing, and play his own songs in his own unique style, which was enough to make him one of the biggest and most important Latin artist throughout the underground world.

As a teenager, Sebastian and his music playing drifted toward Electronic, influenced greatly by Covenant, NIN and other bands of that ilk. This led to his founding of the Electronic sounds, which went on to considerable success, before releasing the first of his albums . He chose to depart his country in 1999, however, and pursue a solo career. With his ideas in hand, he moved to Miami. Been rejected from all colleges in town, he traveled north, to canada where he found him self in the middle of the 2002 Montreal Jazz festival. Before winter he came back to USA in a long Bicycle ride under a carpet of Stars.

Childhood and beginning

Sebastian was born in Calarca, Colombia August 16 of 1982 from a Colombian mother, Angela Chacon and a Colombian father Jorge Gonzalez. Sebastian, means "venerable" deriving from Greek. Sebastian began at age seven to learn how to love music from his relatives. His passion for music led him to learn traditional Electronic sounds such as House, Trance, and Techno as well as Industrial music styles such as Euro Trash. Sebastian began writing at the age of eight and started his music on a journey through the interstate highways that communicates Miami with New York. It was only him, his car, his clothes and an indian flute. The hours passed by without stopping, the battery on his laptop had completely died and boredom sneaked upon his window

He stopped his car on the side of the highway, near a ghost town, here he started playing and this became his first completed song, Ojos Negros (Black Eyes). This happened in the middle of the night in North Carolina, under the moon, the stars and a dense layer of fog that only captured the lights of a few cars that traveled that night along interstate 95, leaving only a space in the night to driftaway inside a sleeping bag.

And brought along a Cd demo that got passed to well recognized Colombian producer Daniel Martinez, who heard promise in the demo, contacted Sebastian, and ultimately signed him to his record label, DM Productions. In 2005 Sebastian and Martinez began work On what will become Electronic Sounds Vol 1 at studios where the following top recording artists have worked: Missy Elliot, DaBrat, Trina, Lil' Wayne, Pretty Ricky, Juvenile, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Fat Joe, Pitbull, R Kelly, Jagged Edge, JT Money,
2 Live Crew, Trick Daddy, Chino XL, Shakira, Geri Halliwell, Sporty Thievz, Asia, Cameo, Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Christian Castro, Willy Chirino, José José, José Luis Rodríguez, Marco Antonio Muniz, Alejandra Guzmán, Azúcar Moreno, Tatiana, Fábio Jr. and Paulina Rubio.

All of his work is also a dedication to his country and his people... along with his first demo and all the others that may come.

Sebastian Gonzalez

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Sebastian Gonzalez