Hailing from the Rochester, NY area, this up and coming DJ / Producer / Engineer has been stacking beats for quite some time now. His love for music has been lifelong, and it was only a matter of time before he started curating his own assortment of tracks... With the crates as his backbone, he started his digging journey around the age of 7, with a push from his father, who also had a serious love for vinyl from a very young age.

"The first joint i ever pulled and threw onto a platter was a Hendrix cut (Are You Experienced) and from there it was pretty much over. My pops showed how to work the turntable, handle the wax, and appreciate quality music." Years went on before he would ever have the chance to work with a set of decks in a serious fashion, but when that day day finally came and he was able to purchase the goods, he has yet to look back.

Within the first few years of DJing (mainly alongside the crew Universal Element of the Roc, NY in the late '90s) he started moving towards the studio to dabble into track production, which he instantly fell in love with and knew that he would never be able to stop. Experimentation went on for many years before he ever actually dropped something for outside ears to check....

When those outside ears finally heard some of the work, the reactions were right on point.

Over the years, LeRoy Brown has reached out and worked with the likes of Kin.da.Kit Media, Jersey Roots Entertainment, Outlaw Boards, d-MINUS, Phillosophy, J. Intellect the Wordsman (aka Eastown J.), Mike Arson, Aklectik Thought, the Feral Youth Crew, Abdias Garcia (multi-instrumentalist, & former Junkie Rush drummer), Lee Ritter (guitarist, trumpeter) and has recently worked out some international collaborations including an upcoming set of beats with the scientist known as Mr. Mamadou (France.)

Needless to say, the cat loves music. In latter half of 2006, Brown took on work as an engineer for TalkingTabs, LLC, an educational media company in Orlando, FL, which procures audio-based music lessons for the blind and visually impaired throughout the U.S.

Welcome to the Beatsuite
Intro cut to theLRBeatsuite.

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Just a Stop (ft. Abdias Garcia)

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Washington Jones

3/17/2007 10:41:50 PM
Thass sum dope-ass sh*t, welcome to the IAC, and to Radio Jones!



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theLRBeatsuite dropped 3/6/07 ::: Thanks to everyone who was involved and supported. Be sure to get your copy ASAP.

SXSW promo run in Austin, TX... March 15-18, 2007

Winter Music Conference promo run in Miami, FL... March 23-25, 2007

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