Singer, guitarist

Written by Kerry McIntyre

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Isle of Ewe Hey when you get time post the words. Makes for really getting it
The Man With No Band Terry... your post on the blogs is really what got me here to your page... I'm glad that happened.. I like your sound !
The Man With No Band By the way .. I have put you up at Bare Thread II.. Stop in for a visit sometime... Peace
Dr Terribol hi Ewe I have put em up now
Dr Terribol Thanks Man-No-Band, I liked what you said on your posts too thanks for adding me, much appreciated
silverwoodstudio Dr T t, well it was definately your blog which got me taking notice! I used to have a dutch Bass player who was also a piano tuner, Precision was the result ! where are you now Wytse? If you start digging now my grandchilren will welcome your grandchilren
Dr Terribol (Dr T T Bol) Hi Studio of Silver Wood, I am buying a shovel tomorrow, I'll be able to say hip jive like hey man I really dig it, then mix it with modern jive talk and hey presto, you get Ya all!
Dr Terribol whoops that posted itself before I'd finished as gfar as that goes a pen was more controllable, I am in a place called Utrecht the middle of holland, but I am from West London StudioSilverWood, hey funny you should mention grandkids
Dr Terribol because I'm about to get one in the beginning of March, a boy, I'm 49 years young so it is quite something to get into my head yehawwww
Dr Terribol Can imagine that, precision, yes, dutch people are very efficient and well organized folk
product recall thank you good doctor for you kind words, we tried to tone down the smugness, it can be such a turn off.
product recall with only one finger huh? your blogs must be a nightmare to compose, you need a better doctor
Gannon Gonzalo
Eleonora ik vind dit wel erg leuk, Terribolly! je hebt een beetje de sound die Roger Daltrey ooit had. I bet he wishes he still sounded like that (= like you). Ciao!
Terry Thank Noortje je bent zo lief voor mij hugs
Susie Thank you for your kind words :) Love and blessings to you, Cathy x
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Bare Thread II
Musicians Against The Fur Trade
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LAID BACK LIFE   Wow great selection here, great music
Bare Thread II   Thaks to Man with no band who made me feel at home at IAC. Makes some moving music!
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Norah Jones   luv Norah's nightingale voice
Spank Momma   Great sound
Janis Ian   Exceptional velvet voice Of Janis, somepeople stay inside you once you have heard them and Janis to me is one of those, such a groove in her soul, touches the groove in me, I love it(her)
Dr T T BOL   hey this is my other page until I become a proper member, have to sort that out
Spank Momma   Love the harmonies on Prisoner Of My Skin I really like that song
  music 4 break the fast music at night music to make everyone feel alright

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