The Bros. Marler, is comprosed of twin siblings Drew and Daniel Marler. They were born into a family were everyone either played an instrument, could sing like an angel, or tell a great story. The bros. moved to Athens, Georgia from Auburn, Al. in 1998. soon after, they were approached with a record deal that after much labor and promise went bankrupt due to embesslement. The bros. took a hiatus and became known as hired musicians around town. Drew, began working with a solo project and decided to collaborate with Daniel. The songs originally were destined to be acoustic, but their renewed excitement for recording took full artistic bloom. Though, the style is a bit different from their previous sounds, the up and coming release of: Songs For Pluto , has been met with great optimism and appreciation. The cd will be released in spring of 2007. Keep an ear out and an eye open.

the song was originally going to be a neil youngish acoustic orientation, but i added the harmony, then the slide guitar, the piano more for rhythm and the bass line was too moving to go alone, so we let the drums do their thing. and this is it.

Alternative Acoustic Rock
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currently, the cd is being pressed, and packaged. we are setting up and playing gigs as much as possible. We are always up for a rigorous acoustic gig, but we are now playing with a three piece band, featuring David Brockway on the drums. This configuration pushes us to use our resources and makes the show more driving and rockin. It's a great contrast from the cd and no matter what show you catch, the bros. marler are gonna give you all they've got.
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