Randy Hill was born in Anchorage, Alaska many years after the last ice-age but was raised in the deep south. He's been married to Tanya Hill for 18 years and has 3 ""kids'. Casey Schultz is a South Carolina (Darlington) boy through and threw :-) The guys met while co-managers of a country western store down in what is becoming Little Branson, i.e., Myrtle Beach, SC. Michigan is now their home (Alpena). They've considered changing their name to ""2 Frozen Pumpkins"" !

These ""2 Desert Potatoes"" have both been playing in front of people and a variety of animals both wild and farm since they were in the single digits. They are a prolific songwriting team. All songs presented here were written by Randy, Casey, or Randy and Casey. When writing together Casey leans more towards the music side while Randy the lyric side, however they stray off into the others songwriting arena quite often and are both very good musicians. They are serious and humorous, often simultaneously. If you ever spend a day with them your sides will hurt, you'd have at least semi-permanent laugh wrinkles and maybe even a tear-stain or two. These guys are different, they are cool. They are ""2 Desert Potatoes"".

There's one thing that everyone should know about Desert Potatoes. In order to be one your roots have to run deeeeeeep !!!

Danger personified. Rockin'Country/Southern Rock...written from Danger's point of view. Randy Hill vocal.

Country Rock
h h

Gonna Find Me
Contemporary upbeat rockin' country. It's a foot-stompin' movin' on song. "I'm gonna find me a better life...without you..." Casey Schultz vocal.

Contemporary Country
h h

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