Antje and Frank: two enthusiastic musicians, their musical carriers separate, but who have, however, in many respects followed a similar course. After Frank had played the guitar in a number of different Cologne rock bands, and Antje, sung for a few rock groups in the neighbouring Ruhr area for a few years, experiencing problems working with fellow band members, each had retreated, unbeknown to the other, to their ‘own four walls’ in order to work on their own ideas.

Thanks to a lucky coincidence, both got to know each other in Autumn 2005 via an ad on the internet. After a few emails exchanging songs and ideas it rapidly became clear to them that two melody-loving musicians who share the same musical passion had finally found each other.

Frank writes the songs before adding guitar, bass and keyboard parts, and so develops a first basic idea. His catchy and attractive arrangements, which are rooted in the area of guitar oriented rock / pop provide Antje with the basis to further develop each song using her texts and lyrics. A whole song eventually emerges from a single idea thanks to her intense vocals and succinct hook lines, to which Frank then makes the finishing touches.

This kind of ‘home work’ away from the rehearsal room allows for concentrated working on the creation of emotional, organic songs. Without ever having met in person, songs came about in this way that left no clue as to a spatial separation.

InDistance – a thrilling musical connection between two people who know how to reach the listener.

Final state

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Meaning of life

Alternative Modern Rock
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