“Three years on and STARK are back with a new album and this really does kick ass!...That break has certainly given Lani Ford food for thought and with those life experiences and changes in the band will certainly guarantee this is one of the best albums I’m going to hear in 2008. Opening up with the potent ’18 Again’ this album steams into wicked songs such as ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Nothing’s Wrong’, ‘Reliably Disappointing Relationship’ and ‘Disturbed’. Lani Ford doesn’t mess around here and for me has got to be one of the best artists to come out of NYC. Not only do you get a great album musically but the production is top notch and packaging is the tops too. It’s great to read Lani’s lyrics too—...I’m sure you’ll love how she writes. Yes, check this baby out." Steve DIY, Street Voice UK, 2008

STARK—Honest, raw rock and roll from the underbelly of New York City. Original old-school style rock dipped in poetic hillbilly angst.

STARK was started by Lani Ford in 2003 after a while of playing bass and singing with all sorts of other bands and kicking around the Tobacco Road open mic with original members, Dylan Grewen and Greg Schiff. STARK started out as more of a lo-fi/singer-songwriter/indie rock combination of country, punk and blues. After the release of The Curse, Dylan left and Jonesy stepped in on guitar and added more of a Johnny Thunders/Ramones/Blondie sound to the fold. After Jonesy, Josette came on board for over a year and a half and brought with her a more AC/DC and Motley Crue glam/metal feel. With her, Rob Endemann, and guest vocalist Pam “The Metal Queen” Grande, Lani released a sophomore STARK CD in 2008 called Put It To Your Head. Joe Hogan engineered both records and both albums reflect what was going on with the band at the time.

Now, with Joe Hogan and Eric Robel taking over in the guitar and drums positions, respectively, prepare yourself for the sickest, hardest, tightest version of STARK yet. Keeping their punk and metal roots, now STARK offers up their original mixture of bluesy Southern rock and underground NYC rock while staying melodic and lyrically intriguing. The band has been together a short time and has already been touring and writing new material. They bring together all the past elements of STARK but more intensely with a sense of humor and craziness, darkness and depth, and simply kick-ass rock and roll. The new STARK is eager to be in the studio, on the road and in a bar near you.

Lani Ford—lead vocals/bass
4 time ASCAP Plus Songwriter Award winner. Lani has played for The Bicycle Dogs, The Blind Pharaohs, The Heather Larkin Band, The Wood Nymphs, Killer Pang (and other Pang projects), Sweet Ami, W/Dylan, and The Love Pirates. She's also toured as back-up singer for TEMPTRESS and sang backing vocals on the F.P. ToZ album “Housebreaking Oui Oui Pads”.

Joe Hoganguitar/backing vocals
Roarfiend and Gorgon god who also engineered STARK’s 1st 2 CDs.

Eric Robel—drums
A total badass, formerly with Heroine Sheiks and Nova Express.

Lani Ford is one of those girls who guys want to take home after the gig, but they're afraid she'll write a song about them. She doesn't mind perpetuating that. She also loves to give the other girls in the room a platform to let their wild sides reign free. That alone makes STARK compelling to watch. What makes them a great band is that the songs are songs, the music rocks and the lyrics are more than interesting. It’s obvious Lani has had a lifetime of taking punches and came out swinging in the music that STARK makeslike dark metal comedy and punked out country blues all rolled into one sexy package.

Slinging poetic hillbilly angst dipped in sleazy underground NYC rock, STARK blasted onto the NYC scene in 2003. Before that, Lani Ford (lead vocalist, bassist and songwriter of STARK), with original members Dylan Grewen and Greg Schiff, spent a year and a half kicking around together at open mics and playing together in a couple of other bands. In 2004, the band recorded its debut CD "The Curse", instantly making fans out of big players in the NYC rock and roll scene and beyond from Genya Ravan to Lenny Kaye. STARK then played the NYC club scene for 5 years with various line-ups but Lani always out front, busting up the norm and lifting hearts everywhere with her dirty, intelligent, harsh, honest, and funny lyrics and huge voice.

With a growing support base, international press and airplay, STARK recently began a press and radio campaign to further promote the sophomore record "Put It To Your Head”. Hogan engineered/co-produced and Josette played guitar. Lani and Rob are the rhythm section with backing vocal help from Rob and Pam the Metal Queen Grande.


"Put It To Your Head", Released January 26, 2008
Tracks with airplay: 18 Again, OH NO!, R-D-R, Disturbed, Nothing's Wrong, I Pay, Co-Dependent, Dreams Come True, This Day

"The Curse" LP, released May 15, 2004
Tracks with airplay: Cryin' In The Mornin', Somewhere, White Trash Rock & Roll Diva, Summer Girl, Look at Me, Beautiful Mistake, Slut, The One, Wrong Guy

"The Morgue The Merrier", LP, Poptown Records (2005)
Compilation CD of New York City bandsfeaturing STARK’s song "Slut"

“Women of Rock”, LP, MJR Films and Audra Hardt (2008)
Compilation of female-fronted rock bands—featuring STARK’s song “OH NO!”

Samplers include: Under the Radar October 2008, Bubblegum Slut Zine (UK) Summer 2008, Danimal Promotions November 2008

Lani Ford—backing vocalist on F.P.ToZ LP, “Housebreaking Oui Oui Pads” (2005)

STARK’s music is available on:

Apple itunes
Subterranean Records and Cds
Bleecker Bob's
And many more music sites…


STARK's song "Cryin' in the Mornin'" in the independent feature film "Fillbilly"(2007)
Lani Ford co-wrote a song featured in the horror film "Zombie Cult Massacre" (1998)


WNYW, Fox 5-TV (New York City)
Cognac’s Corner (NYC, MNN Ch. 34/78)
Manny In Manhattan (NYC, MNN Ch. 57)
Be Yourself As Well As Art (NYC, MNN Ch. 34/78)
Mark After Dark (NY)
Mango TV (NY)
Vidocity (NY)
Indigo TV (NY)
ILR (Australia)
Lugar Incomum “Usual Place” on the Multishow Channel (Brazil)


Q104.3 (NY)
K94 Rocks (L.A.)
Total Rock FM (London, UK— 1 hour interview and airplay)
Sirius Radio (Chicks and Broads with Genya Ravan on Underground Garage)
Sirius Radio (Jim Breuer show on Raw Dog—live performance)
Sirius Radio (Goldie's Garage with Genya Ravan on Underground Garage)
WTSR (Trenton, NJ—interview and live peformance)
WUSB 90.1FM (Long Island, NY)
WBAB's Homegrown show with Fingers (Long Island, NY)
The Drop Zone/KTWL-FM (Houston, Texas)
WGBB (Long Island, NY)
WXPK (Westchester, NY—interview and airplay)
WDTS in Georgetown, DE (CMJ/Top 30)
WRPI in Troy, NY (CMJ/Loud Rock report)
WMPG 90.9/104.1 WomanSong (Portland)
Belfast Radio

College/non-commercial radio: Cuts from "The Curse" and “Put It To Your Head” can be heard on over 50 stations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia

**STARK has also been receiving college radio airplay on:

WHRB in Cambridge, MA
WFWM in Frostburg, MD
WUNH in Durham, NH
WDCR in Hanover, NH
WCDB in Albany, NY
WITR in Rochester, NY
CHRW in London, Ontario
WKDU in Philadelphia, PA
WUSR in Scranton, PA
WMSS in Middletown, PA
WRKC in Wilkes-Barre, PA
WCHL in Wilkes-Barre, PA;
CKUT in Montreal, Quebec
WRIU in Kingston, RI
WDTS in Georgetown, DE (reported CMJ/Top 30)
WVUD in Newark, DE
WMHB in Waterville, ME
WMPG in Portland, ME
WNTI in Hackettstown, NJ
WARY in Valhalla, NY
WNYU in New York City
WSIA in Staten Island, NYC
WUSB in Stony Brook, NY
CKCU in Ottowa
WESU in Middletown, CT
WPKN in Bridgeport, CT
WXAC in Reading, PA
WWUH in West Hartford, CT
WMFO in Boston, MA
WTCC in Springfield, MA
WKDT in West Point, NY
WRPI in Troy, NY (reported to CMJ/Loud Rock report)
WRUV in Burlington, VT
WHUS in Storrs, CT
WMUA in Amherst, MA
WSMU in Dartmouth, MA
WERU in E. Orland, ME
WRUR in Rochester, NY
WFSE in Edinboro, PA
WXVU in Villanova, PA
WECS in Willmantic, CT
WRSU in New Brunswick, NJ (Rutgers)
CIUT in Toronto, Ontario
WKPS in University Park, PA
CIBL in Montreal, Quebec***


Survivor Radio Cafe
Stuart Bedasso podcast
Westside Will internet radio
YourSpace Radio (www.myrealbroadcast.com)
iRadio LA (Indie 1047/L.A.)
Q-Radio (Fame Games)
Iheartmusic.com (Clear Channel NEW!)
You Rock Radio (featured artist)
Joey Stuckey’s Audio Style (Engage Internet Radio/GA)
That Blue Jeans Guy Podcast (Podsafe Music Network)
A Quiet Time (PMN)
Noise Pollution (PMN)
UC Radio Podcast (PMN/CA)
The Big Red One (IAC)
The party (IAC)
Next Big Hit
Street Blast (MO)
The Drop Zone (KTWL.com/Houston, TX)
Zing! Flip! Squash! (Waterplanet Radio)
Indie Limelight Radio Show (Indie Artist Radio)
Crystal Blue Radio
Norvo Odus Radio (Rising Star feature)
Local Music Now Radio
Podrama (DJ Burnout)
'nette radio (Dallas/L.A.)
Roots Rock Radio
Radio X (NY)
Radio Gets Wild (UK)
Music-Islands (Japan)
Wild West Rocks Radio
NightOwlz Radio (Soundclick.com)
Best Hits Radio
New Juke.com
SongPlanet.com (WSPR)
Rock Stars Glued network
Long Island Podcasting Network

Music Connection (October 2008)
Good Times, Long Island (October 2008)
Jersey Beat (July 2008)
Metal Maidens website (Netherlands, 2008)
Skrutt website (Sweden, November 2008)
Indie-Music.com (July 2008)
Street Voice UK (May 2008)
Sound-check Magazine (UK, March/April 2008)
Devolution Magazine (UK, June 2008)
Bubblegum Slutzine (UK, March 2008)
The New York Daily News (page 3 feature 2005)
The Big Takeover Magazine (Spring 2007/Spring 2008)
The New York Waste Magazine (over 20 issues)
The New York Post (2004)
The Deli (NY 2004)
Wildy's World Blog (2008)
Halifax Courier (UK, 2008)
Leeds Music Scene Website (UK, 2008)
Time Out London (2008)
Punk Globe Magazine (UK, March 2008)
Village Voice (NY)
More Sugar (NY)
San Antonio Express-News (TX)
WNYW, Fox 5-TV, New York
WGBB, Long Island
WPLJ-FM, New York
Go Girls Music Website
Swiss Records Website
Bassgirls Website
Indiegrrl Website
Feast of Noise Website
Songplanet Website
WXPK-FM, Westchester
New York Sugarzine
Black Angel Reviews
Horrorwood Babbleon Website
The Aquarian (NJ)


LAMN Manhattan Jam, NY (2008)
Make Music New York (2007, 2008)
CMJ 2005
Battle of the GoGirls 2006
Girls Rock and Girls Rule 2006
GoGirls Invasion of SXSW 2007
Go Girls Music Fest (2007, 2008)
Selected as Standby Artist for NXNE 2008
OS Arthouse Shure Showcase 2008
Dynamic Music 2nd Annual Showcase 2008


ASCAP Songwriting Awards 2005-2008 (Lani Ford)
Future Star Feature on Radio Crystal Blue 2008
Music Dish Network Event Picks (2008)
Featured Artist on Undergroundmusix.com (August 2008)
Featured Artist on Nextcat.com (April 2008)
Featured Artist on Feast of Noise.com (March 2008)
Featured on The Musician's Auction Open House Blog (April 2008)
Featured Artist on Treblenation.com 2007
Featured Artist on Songplanet.com (2008)
Featured Artist on A Quiet Time Podcast (2008)
Featured Artist on Best Hits Radio (2008)
Featured Artist on ‘nette radio (2008)
Featured Artist on CD Baby (Garage Rock & Punk Pop/2008)
Featured Artist on NYCMusic.net (2008)
Featured Artist on Indiegrrl.com (2008)
Featured Artist on IAR Indie Limelight Radio Show (2005)
Top 25 Rock Artist on Overplay (UK, March/April 2008)
Top 15 Pop Punk Artist on My Music Stream (2007/2008)
Top 50 Rock Artist on My Music Stream (2008)
Top 10 Artist on Ourstage (Pop/June 2007)
Top 15 Video on Ourstage (February 2008)
Top 40 on KIAC Big 50 for 5 weeks in 2007 (“18 Again”)
Top 75 Artist on Soundclick (R&R, Punk/2008)
Top 100 Artist on Soundclick (Indie/Alt Power Pop in 2007, 2008)
CMJ/Loud Rock report 2004
CMJ/Top 30 2004

NEW YORK CITY CLUBS (selected few):

Cutting Room
Don Hill’s
Arlene’s Grocery
Meow Mix
Otto’s Shrunken Head
Knitting Factory
Kenny’s Castaways
North Six


Dublin Castle
Hope and Anchor
Dirty Water Club
The Dry Bar


United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Upstate New York
New Jersey
Long Island


Murphy’s Law
Future 86
Danan Healy
Mongrel Bitch
She Wolves
Warrior Soul
Statues of Liberty (Banana Fish Zero)
New Professionals
3 Kisses
Lenny Kaye (of Patti Smith Group)
Patti Rothberg
Gin Blossoms
The Dollyrots
Cori Yarkin
Joy Rider
Ellen Foley (of Meatloaf)
J.D. Malo (of Cycle Sluts From Hell, Smashed Gladys, Mike Monroe)
Donna Lupe (of Cycle Sluts From Hell—Honey 86%er)
Richard Lloyd (of Television, Duncan Sheik)
Billy Ficca (Television, The Waitresses)
Syl Sylvain (of The New York Dolls)
Sammi Yaffa (of New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks)
Thommy Price (of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Billy Idol)
Frank Ferrer (Guns & Roses)
Jimi Bones (Blackhearts, more)
Dougie Needles (of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
Tommy USA (of Jesse Malin)
Felicia Collins (of David Letterman Band)


American Heart Association
UNOS (GoGirls MusicFest 2008)
Amnesty International
Rock Against Diabetes
Rock The Vote
9/11 Police and Firemen’s Widows’ Fund
Rich Betancourt Family
Willie Mae Camp for Girls
God’s Love We Deliver
Habitat For Humanity Women Build Suffolk County
Red Cross
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Caring Bridge (Go Girls Fest 2006)
The Kids Rock
Hep-C Awareness
Blank-Fest X 2006 and XI 2007
Porn4Peace Darfur Benefit 2007
Princeton Hospital June Fete Benefit 2007
Mighty Mutts (Go Girls Fest 2007)

SPONSORS (Past or Present):

Daisy Rock
Rock Star Energy Drink
Sam Ash
Go Girls Music


Songwriters Guild of America
Go Girls

Love To Be Hated (Agnostic Front)
Sons of Bitches (Banana Fish Zero)
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Skin of My Teeth (Megadeth)
Ain’t It Fun (Dead Boys)
Walking In The Sand (Shan-gri-las)



© 2008 Lani Ford
Kicking and Screaming Music

The pain, the pain...

Heavy melodic rock
h h

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12/30/2012 10:45:14 AM
Keep up the good work!


1/9/2008 1:17:46 PM
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
Club Midway--STARK's CD Release Party!!!
7 pm-midnight
25 Avenue B @ 3rd Street
New York, New York 10002
Cost: $10
Free CD with Admission
STARK plays at 10:30!



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Millie, WATERPLANET band Hi. Added "Oh No!" to my zing!flip!squash! station. Like the refrain and the way it builds as it goes.
* Your song 'OH NO!' has just been added to The Big Red One station!
* Your song '18 Again' has just been added to the party station!
* Congratulations! Your song '18 Again' is now #49 on the KIAC Big 50!
* Congratulations! Your song '18 Again' is now #45 on the KIAC Big 50!
* Congratulations! Your song '18 Again' is now #38 on the KIAC Big 50!
* Congratulations! Your song '18 Again' is now #34 on the KIAC Big 50!
* Your song 'OH NO!' has just been added to Short Takes station!
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Msg  Go!

Busy in STARK land... - November 9, 2008
Hey everyone,
What a crazy summer into the almost non-existent fall, now into winter. Gonna be busy with lots of things as we are starting a press and radio campaign this week to FINALLY promote the last record "Put It To Your Head". So many things deterred the promotion but now's the time as we are constantly writing new songs and need to record a new record after the first of the year. Pretty exciting!

Now, for immediate issues...

Check out Good Times, a Long Island Magazine from early October. There's a great review of STARK. There is also an interview and 2 reviews up on the Swedish website: www.surf.to/skrutt. Thanks to Peter Thorssonyour shirt and new CD's are in the mail.:) We also had recent airplay once again on Radio Gets Wild in the UK. Thanks Dee!

Next Thursday, we should be aired on Westside Will Radio at www.westsidewill.com on the Unsigned Artist Showcase. It will be archived following the show.

Our next (and last show of the year) will be at
Saturday December 13th
STARK at 10, Mongrel Bitch at 9, The Unseen Dream at 8

Lani Ford is playing solo acoustic at Corio December 9th 8pm.

You can still pick up the Women of Rock compilation CD:
“MJR Films and Audra Hardt Music present Women of Rock, a fantastic compilation album featuring acclaimed but relatively undiscovered female fronted rock bands from around the globe and is available on Apple iTunes. Hundreds were called but few were chosen. Each featured artist combines a unique singing style with inspired writing talent that makes this compilation a must have for every serious collector.” http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M...80747&s=143441

Now, we're trying to get our stuff together to tour the West Coast in late Feb/early March. Any advice, gigs, places to stay, whatever would be so appreciated you might get to see naked body parts...just kidding...or am I?

Thanks so much,
Lani (pronounced Lane-ey)
STARK Fall Press Release - September 28, 2008

New York, NY, October 1, 2008NYC rock trio STARK and Lani Ford announce Fall show dates and release of Women Of Rock compilation CD. STARK has officially replaced Josette with guitarist and engineer/co-producer, Sonic Joe Hogan. Also, Sweet Rob Endemann has left the band to raise a family in Florida, so Eric Rock ‘n Robel, formerly with Heroin Sheiks and Nova Express, has joined the group on drums. STARK’s sophomore album Put It To Your Head, released January 26th is continuing to receive great press and radio, with recent reviews in Big Takeover Magazine and Jersey Beat and recent play on Roots Rock Radio, Women’s Radio Review, ‘nette Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, Indie 104, and Portland’s WMPG-FM.

STARK’s song “Disturbed” is featured on Bubblegum Slutzine’s Summer CD sampler and “This Day” has just been re-released on the Fall issue of Under the Radar Magazine’s CD sampler. “OH NO!” has just been re-released on the Women of Rock compilation CD. “MJR Films and Audra Hardt Music present Women of Rock, a fantastic compilation album featuring acclaimed but relatively undiscovered female fronted rock bands from around the globe and is available on Apple iTunes. Hundreds were called but few were chosen. Each featured artist combines a unique singing style with inspired writing talent that makes this compilation a must have for every serious collector.” STARK’s “18 Again” will be re-released on the Wicked Cool Records compilation CD Goldie’s Garage, Volume 1 thanks to Genya Ravan and her two Sirius Radio shows, Chicks and Broads and Goldie’s Garage.

STARK has an artist endorsement from Daisy Rock. Lani Ford will play solo acoustic again this year for the GoGirlsMusicFest at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC November 15, 2008. “Proceeds from each city's event will benefit the United Network for Organ Sharing. There will be information at each show about donation and how to sign up on the registry in that state. Madalyn Sklar created GoGirlsMusicFest, a series of annual showcase events across the United States. UNOS manages the nation's organ transplant system under contract with the federal government and oversees the world's most comprehensive database of clinical transplant information.”

STARK is writing new material that will be recorded and available soon. For more, check out the official website www.starknyc.com or www.myspace.com/stark.

STARK Booking and Info
Kicking and Screaming Music /Lani Ford
Put It To Your Head is available at www.digstation.com/stark and www.cdbaby.com/cd/laniford. The Curse at www.cdbaby.com/cd/starknyc.
STARK one-sheet - September 28, 2008
• Randy Now of WTSR presented STARK and The Dollyrots from Blackheart Records at The Record Collector in Bordentown, New Jersey on August 2nd, 2008. STARK’s CD’s are available for sale at The Record Collector.
• STARK performed and were interviewed on Randy Now’s Capital Garage program on WTSR radio and www.wtsr.org while on tour in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the Summer 2008.
• STARK toured the UK in March 2008.
• STARK played the Go Girls Invasion of SXSW in March 2007 and CMJ in October 2005.
• Recent reviews in The Big Takeover Magazine, Jersey Beat, Indie-Music.com, Music Connection, Bubblegum Slut, Devolution, Street Voice UK, Soundcheck Magazine.com, Metal Maidens, New York Waste and Punk Globe.
• STARK was recently interviewed for the upcoming issue of the NY Deli.
• STARK’s song “Disturbed” is on the Bubblegum Slut ‘Summer CD Sampler’.
• “This Day” was re-released on the Under the Radar Magazine’s Fall CD Sampler
• “OH NO!” has just been released on the ‘Women of Rock’ compilation CD produced by MJR Films and Audra Hart Music.
• “OH NO!” has been placed on the playlist on WomensRadio and WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365 and added into rotation on Indie 104 radio.
• “Dreams Come True” has recently received airlplay on Radio Gets Wild in the UK, WMPG in Portland, Oregon, Your Space Radio and Roots Rock Radio.
• “18 Again” will be re-released on the upcoming Wicked Cool Records compilation CD Goldie’s Garage, Volume 1 thanks to Genya Ravan and her two Sirius Radio shows. You can also hear “18 Again” in Genya’s myspace player at www.myspace.com/genyaradio and on NYC Music’s myspace at www.myspace.com/nycmusicnet.
• STARK’s received 2 featured shows on www.YouRockRadio.com.
• “Wrong Guy” has been receiving airplay on Joey Stuckey’s Audio Style
• Two songs from The Curse are featured in the indie film ‘Fillbilly’ by A.L. “MIG” MacFarland which was just showcased at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles.
• STARK has just received an artist endorsement from Daisy Rock guitars.
• Lani Ford was interviewed by Cognac Wellerlane for Cognac’s Corner and the interview can be seen on You Tube. Lani was also featured on Indiegrrl.com and Bassgirls.com.
• Check out the official website www.starknyc.com or www.myspace.com/stark.
• Put It To Your Head is available at www.digstation.com/stark and www.cdbaby.com/cd/laniford. The Curse at www.cdbaby.com/cd/starknyc.
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Auf der gleichen Wellenlänge
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