Although born in 1985 in South Korea, Lilly grew up in Greenwich Village, NY. Her parents realized early that she had an innate love for music and opted to give her piano lessons to help nurture any natural talent she might possess. By the time middle-school rolled around, Lilly was ready to leave the world of classical piano playing behind and took up the guitar. She soon discovered that singing was where her true talents lay, and began to use her knowledge of the guitar and training in classical piano to write songs. During the spring of 1999, Lilly won her first Talent Show and, more importantly, was introduced to the musical stylings of Dylan Shmitt and Adam Seidman, two classmates at the NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies. Another girl in their class, Eden Sidney Foster - an extremely talented actress and writer - began to share her poetry with the three musicians around this time. They began to set her lyrics to music, resulting in such songs as That Much Closer, Rumor Has It, Into You, South of Here, I'd Sing You To Sleep, Sabbath Queen, Frantic Boy, and What Faerie Means.

Throughout High School, Lilly and Adam would also often perform with a Jewish Folk-Music/Klezmer band. They joined the band regularly for Shabbat services downtown at the Shul of New York, and also played an occasional wedding or Bar/Bat-Mitzvah during the weekends. From these experiences playing with the Shul Band, Lilly was able to discover her love for performing and appears to have become very comfortable onstage. Her voice now possesses an angelic clarity and purity to it that somehow manages to be both soothing and powerful. The band members also introduced Lilly and Adam to a number of great artists, such as Phish, Belá Fleck, and Richard Shindell, which greatly impacted the way that the two compose songs. Adam and Lilly continued to write music together throughout High School and began to perform separately from the band. They made their first appearance as a duo at the Cornelia Street Café, in the West Village, in June of 2002.

During the summer of 2004, Lilly recorded her album, Walking Away at KStudio, a small, privately owned studio in Brooklyn. Under the guidance of Carlos Pereira, and with the help of Dylan Shmitt, Adam Seidman, Adam Feder, and a few other talented musicians she has met along the way, the recording was completed during the fall semester of her sophomore year at college. The album was released in January 2005 at a show at Haverford College, and can now be bought online at, or through iTunes. Lilly's style has often been compared to that of Sarah McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams, and Nickel Creek. The combination of folk-music with certain pop and rock elements results in a beautiful sound that is easy to listen to. She is currently working on some new songs which she hopes will culminate in the recording of a second album in the near future.


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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What Faerie Means

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