Fraud began in June of 2002 as a joke. I had become burned out with real bands, the practicing, the hauling equipment just play shows for 30-50 people tops (the scene up here burned out a few years ago). I decided that I'd rather make music alone and just make CD's for all of my friends, using my very small amount of knowledge in recording using my computer.

I started writing these stupid joke songs, and one just came out after another. I laced the CD with a couple serious ones, since I'm a pretty depressing person, and wha-la! Fraud was born.

Fraud is more of an extension of me and who I am than anything I've done before, because I'm doing it all MY way. Every single song either lives or dies by how I made it. If it sounds shitty, it's my fault.. if it's awesome... well that's my fault too. The entire project was intended to help me learn how to make demo's at home. Now it's a labor of love and the funny aspect has turned into a real life diary of who I am.

I started playing and writing stuff in about 1993. Needless to say, it's a hell of a lot better than it used to be. For a long, long time I recorded every song I could think of, covers, originals and so on. Most of that stuff ended up as boombox recordings called The Pocket Lint Project. I played in a local band called the Vanilla Jacksons for a few years, they did pretty well, got to play shows with some of my favorite bands including The Muffs, Groovie Ghoulies, Chixdiggit, New Bomb Turks, The Donnas, and Teen Idols.

After that band, I moved on to the Pistol Pez Whatleys, who in my opinion would have been allright had we lasted.. Lyrically, I still I had a long way to go. People knew me for my sense of humor and not songwriting ability. But that band didn't last long.

Shortly after the end of the Whatleys, I became pretty dejected and stayed out of the music scene for about 2 years. I was in a band called the Bay Park Squares, but it just didn't seem to pan out. (Not one but two drummers had some serious mental issues that drove the band into the ground).

From there I got more serious with Fraud, and my life was changed. Well okay, it actually didn't change at all. But some new songs were born. This project has slowly but surely went from something meant to be a joke to a small labor of love for me.

It's the one place where I can write everything the way I hear it in my head, and nobody can change it. It's am amazing thing to do and it makes me feel musically free on a daily basis. I just hope people who hear it can hear the time and effort and thought that I put into it. It's not about making any money off them, it's about letting people know they exist. Fraud is me and me alone. I play guitar, I sing, I play bass and all the percussion is from royalty free loops. I wish I could find a drummer who could just be a normal person, but until then I would prefer to do it myself. Hopefully you enjoy something and understand that despite my limited knowledge, I can write a decent song. Have a good one, -Jesse

Without The Haze
Song about those times in life when you have an absolute moment of clarity and everything makes sense.

Hard Alternative
h h

When you've seen it all, you've seen it all.

Hard Alternative
h h

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kelly Hey, I read your pipeline post. Nice to meet you too! You might want to check out the forums here, it's a great community.
Fraud Will do, I'm pumped to be here.
Fraud Will do, I'm pumped to be here.
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Just finished up my 3rd CD and am in the final stages of recording the 4th. I hope to have both available at my website to download for free as soon as I get a chance to get a new domain set up.

I am looking for ways to get songs onto small-time comps and get my stuff out in any way possible to other people.
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