Philpot has been compared to Blur, Oasis, Filter, Pearl Jam, REM, The Stone Roses, Alice In Chains, Freddy Mercury, The Yardbirds, Uriah Heep, The Beatles ,Ozzy Osbourne, The Smiths, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and The Doors. They have been labeled New Classic Rock and New Americana, the next band from the American heartland, and the American Oasis. But as critics and listeners struggle to make comparisons, what they are hearing is this: Philpot.

From the trippy, spacey, bluesy jam of Image In The Wood to the pedal to the metal rock of Got It In, from the searing, carnival grinding intensity of Bitch Be The World to the rocking emotion of Sugar Thumb, Philpot (whose six members have a median age of 19) are coming out of the gate with one ballsy record.

Sounding like a cross between Liam Gallagher and Kurt Cobain, singer Kentz Ward (dubbed by Zink Magazine as the greatest frontman since Axl Rose, who is from a neighboring town in Indiana) invests his soul and makes every note of these songs count. Caleb Smith's lead guitar works in tandem with Josh Kennedy's rhythm patterns to give the songs shape and a space in which to breathe. AJ Boone's keyboards instill a sense of ambiance, and Arthur Ready and Tyler Evans provide the propulsive beat.

In a flower shop disguised as a musical laboratory, situated in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Indianapolis suburb of Dugger (pop. 999, a town without a stoplight), Ward toils by day among the blossoms and, by night, is joined by his five compatriots who grow their, by turns, rocking, bluesy, and emotive music. They nourish their music with loving care inside the confines of a flower shop, in this case the one in which Ward works.

Philpots name comes from an orange shirt Ward's grandmother picked up at a Democratic convention in Hammond, Indiana; the word ""philpot"" was emblazoned on the shirt in big, bold, blue letters.

Philpot first gained attention opening for Travis Meeks and Days of the New after meeting that band at a church benefit. Bitch Be The World was produced and released by Applehead Records. Philpot has just returned from triumphant shows with Travis Meeks for Clear Channel Radio's Motorcycle Mania in Little Rock, Arkansas. (The Edge 100.3 FM).

Homegrown band, Philpot, is showing the world that Greene and Sullivan counties in Indiana produce more than coal and corn ""We're a loud band with mean vocals,"" Ward said. ""We also write beautiful songs. We have loud guitars; fast, heavy-hitting drums; and crazy keys.""

Bitch be the World

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Sugar Thumb

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