Three piece Bluesrock Band with melodic leadguitar and a rough voice singing. Somewhere between Rock´ n Roll and the beauty of Weltschmerz...

Oh Charlie started playing guitar in 1971 at the age of sixteen.
Influenced by the great guitarheroes of the seventies he played for years with
various bands trying out all different kinds of rock´n roll. In1985 he decided
that it just needs a three piece band to play straight, honest and bluesy songs.
The voice is rough and insistent, yet faithful and intimate; the guitar stubborn and
full of emotion. The music is frank, unconcerned with trends, it chooses the most
direct route from him to us. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes ingratiating, and
always charming.

The CD `First of all´ with 13 songs is available at cdbaby, garageband, netspin, i-Tunes and many more.

© OhCharlie 1998 Album `First of all´ .................When my guitar is crying ...

Guitar Instrumental
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staggerlee welcome! start a station and introduce your song around. yours added to "pennyeach"
charlie I´m workin on it. Thanks for listening, staggerlee!
Supernatural :-)
Jilly I've put you on my Mood Swings and Roundabouts Staion - well deserved! "Brave little girl" One I'll enjoying listening to quite a few times I think.
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Thanks everyone for playing Oh Charlie !
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