Julian was born in London but has lived in several countries over the years, including Gibraltar, Israel, America, Italy and Norway.

He always enjoyed music as a child but only started to play in his late teens. Soon after learning the basics on the guitar he started performing on the streets and in the underground stations of London. This was soon followed by performing everywhere he travelled but only took a serious turn when he went to live in California, where he sang mainly in San Francisco and on the UC Berkeley campus.

After a number of years in America he moved to Florence, Italy then Oslo, Norway. After a brief moment of fame on live Norwegian television, he decided to return to London after many years of being away.

He sang for a while in Covent Garden but for the last few years he seems to have found his niche just next to the river Thames, outside the Tate modern museum. An idyllic location where you can find him most weekends ... weather permitting … and we can tell you, we won’t be disappointed!


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No Wasted Love

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Your Eyes Are Alive

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Lauri Your in the top 2 today at Country Folk & blue shades of grass :)
LONE STAR STATION "Your eyes are alive" is featured on our Station and we love it - thanks - Check us out
MMP Hey Julian, I bought your CD from you back when you were at Covent Gardens and it's still in my CD player. Hope you're doing well.
Whytnee Shattuck HEY! my class went to london and we saw you performing near st. pauls. we heard you singing pink floyd wish you were here and that's now our theme song for our trip video. You are a great singer...bye!
* Your song 'No Wasted Love' has just been added to Where in the hell is Electic, Alabama station!
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Julian's CD, simply entitled Julian Davies, is a mix of Julian's own songs and covers.

One of Julian's tracks is being included on the EDM4MUSIC's 16-track Christmas CD featuring all the artistes they currently promote.

The final tracklist of the Chirstmas CD has just been published. So to check it out and find out more about Julian, please go to www.edm4music.co.uk
Where in the hell is Eclectic, Alabama
Ladies first

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Julian Davies