Being an internal long-haired hippie chick inspired and taught by 1960s upstate New York sleep-away camp counselors, my innate finger-picking talents had no choice but to shine through.

Songwriting started when I called Eddie's Attic to sign up for Open Mic Nite. ""Sure you can sign up. Ya just need two original songs...."" and the rest sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher Miss Othmar... LOL! ""Two WHAT?!?!?"", I asked? ""Two original songs with a third in your back pocket in case you make it to the finals"", he said matter-of-factly. ""Alrighty then...I'll get back to ya"", was all I could say.

Over 30 original songs later, several professionally produced, weekly performances at Open Mic Nites around the Atlanta area, and enhancing my finger-picking style with some alternative strumming styles, the rest is history...a history I hope will repeat itself over and over.

Who knew I would, one day, actually realize my dream of performing live...and it's not about to stop now!

My biggest influences have been the days of yore Greenwich Village players: Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell...those types. Of course, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogleberg, Nanci Griffith, and those folks have also contributed to the formation of my lyrical and musical style.

My biggest influence of late has been those folks who have been persistent in telling me I need to change my style...they have convinced me to actually maintain my style so as not to have a ""canned or cloned"" sound. It is because of them, though, that I've mixed it up a little bit and enhanced my style with depth and musical variation.

I knew I ""had 'em"" when I began being introduced, at Open Mic Nite, as ""The Cultural Part of the Evening...Folk Goddess Shari Moss"". Do the compliments GET any better than that?

On My Own
This song is dedicated to folks who're navigating the single life journey "on their own"... who're putting their hearts out there to attract the love they've always dreamed of... who still believe it's out there!

Eclectic Folk
h h

Your Loving Hands
This is my mesmerizing "tantric" song... musically and lyrically; embodying the spiritual soul stirring feelings you get when you can feel the depth of another's emotion and love through their eyes and hands as they're enveloping you with a sense even they don't quite understand. ** Folk Goddess Factoid: vocals & guitar (there's only one guitar in the song) were recorded on one track - so essentially, this is a live performance **

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Love Conquers All
The title describes the song best, despite the prospect non-belief. I just wanted to remind folks that it IS 'out there'! This is also the title track from my soon-to-be-released first CD.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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