1,2,GO! is Ron Schultz, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Rich Lacina, Vocals,and Guitar.

After Ron and Rich spent a lifetime sharing Lead Vocal and Lead Guitar duties in a well known Chicago Rock band, they decided to give their ears a break and formed 1,2, GO! Sit back and enjoy a bit of Pop, Rock, and Country, acoustic style! But beware! Sometimes we get "Electrified"! Old habits are hard to break!

Floating (Home Demo)
Recorded this at home. Drum loop, keyboard, acoustic guitar and a few special effects.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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Catch the Jam Cat Game Meow!
Jam I agree with Richard Kapp. And it has a really cool ending.
Al Stravinsky That's cool Rich - wish the vocals were a bit louder though. Nice one
Johannes Ok, Igot it. It's playing. Thx for participating. Peace then.
Al Stravinsky You trashed it? Why man? I thought it was good, just couldn't hear the lyric as much as I'd have liked. Guess the creator knows best, but it seems a bit extreme to me!
Resident Alien Check out I Heard The Sound. Whatcha think???
Jilly Sorry LC, you were a bit quick for me, I hadn't finished the clean up, shoulda got back to you. Anyway I thought there was some great work in there (except the drums) ha ha!
PS (Jilly) The reason I was slow, you inspired me to finis a latinish song off "dirt in my eyes" which I've just uploaded (for the 2nd time!)
Chris Eaglehead say gotcha!
Al Stravinsky Great guitar sounds on Little Cha Cha! Some interesting chord changes too. Sounds very Eastern to me - remember Egyptian Reggae? This could be 'Egyptian Cha Cha' to my Euro ears! Nice one - Al
Phil Streets LIttle Cha Cha is very interesting Rich. Latin rhythms meets kind of an eastern chord progression with some cool guitar sounds. The phasing effect sounded very cool. I like the mix of styles man. It works.
Al Stravinsky Hi Rich - posted another song I just finished today: 'Sitting on the sofa'. It needs a remix, but my ears need a rest first. Take care - Al
Phil Streets Really like Little Cha Cha Rich. I added it to Spin Doctor Radio. I compared Ron's picture to the one from Grey and he still looks about 29. That really pisses me off, You though, you got that way cool grey look with the shades. I like. Phil
Jeffry J
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