On April 24th 1977, in the small island of St Kitts to the tough ghetto community of Newtown, Gregory Howell affectionately known as Jr Killer came on the scene. With the pulsating reggae songs of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh echoing through the streets of Newtown and a father who himself had a short stint as a DJ while abroad, Jr Killer picked up the love for music and singing at a very early age, which was showcased early by regularly attending church with his mom and singing in church programmes. But as his teenage yrs approached less of him was seen in church and he would eventually take his musical talent with a Godly heritage enriched in it to the streets amongst his peers. As a regular listener to artist like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Supercat,Gregory Isaacs and his favourite local band all-time the Small Axe Band, Jr Killer developed a hard hitting conscious/rudebwoy DJ style that drew the attention of his friends whom too were young music listners, however being a more quiet individual he never seemed one for the spotlight and would only showcase his talent to his peers. He would often link with Tommy of Executioner Sounds and sometimes DJ Yardie to brush up on his sound skills and gather some experience, and would eventually pick up his DJ name Jr Killer in 1995 after being dubbed Baby Killer (for his gruff voice and style like Bounty) for sometime by his peers, but it was in 1996 just before his 19th birthday, at an after school sports Soundclash/DJ show, which saw the likes of Executioner Sound (whom he represented, DJ style), coming up against Bad Boy Sounds and their DJ's, he finally decided to go public with a well remembered performance by the patrons in attendance as most thought it was Bounty Killer and not Jr Killer on stage only to be surprised to see the quiet youngster from newtown mashing up the place. It was only then that he realized that despite his personality he had a nac for the stage and went on a serious campaign to get his songs completed and his musical career in gear. However much of Jr Killer was not seen in the public since then as life road has taken, but he never gave up on his musical career and kept on working under the radar. The year 2002 saw him tuning his voice and as he would say vibesing more regularly and it was in 2003 when patrons of the popular Ghetto Dance Spot Golden Almond saw the emergence of Jr Killer on the public scene showing his Mike Chatting ability in the capacity of Problem-Child Greg-Ras as part of the Executioner Sound Crew (now newly formed under Die Hard Sounds), and for the last few years have rejuvinated a long awaited charge towards both local and International scene, which included perfomances at the 1st ever Kittitian Idol show in 2004 and a few other local shows, plus a visit to Jamaica in 2005 where he was well received by popular DJ Mega Banton who collaborated with him on a few dub plates. Nuttin happen before its time , Jr Killer would say, and my time to showcase my talent and be rewarded for it is fast approaching, i just pray for the father's guidance and protection as this journey progresses.

An imaginery view of how life would be versus d realities of this harsh world we live in

h h

Please (little St Kitts)
Cry out to our people to try work together and hold down the peace

h h

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