Mikael Antich - Vocals, programming, percussion.
Magnus Borgström - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals.
Mikael Drackner - Bass, programming.

Is there something called Eclectic Metal?

Deonda Ltd is a project refusing to comply to the confinements of ordinary genres. Metal guitar riffs combine with soft melodies, drum machines with organic percussion, soft keyboard pads with noise. Rhythms range from jazzy drumming to harsh electronic beats. Vocals range from crisp and clear to growling.

Deonda Ltd was formed in mid-1997 in a fusion of other projects. The name Deonda was taken early in 1998 after trying and rejecting a few other names. Deonda released their debut-EP, Life Anthem, in April 1998.

The band split up and reformed in May 1999. The remaining original members Magnus Borgström and Mikael Antich started working together with Mikael Drackner (former member of The Misled) during the recording sessions of the follow-up EP Death. The collaboration worked out very well, and Drackner was soon considered a permanent member of the band.

In 2001 the band name was modified to include "Ltd", to emphasize the band's aspirations on expansion and capital accumulation. And in June the same year the band now officially known as Deonda Ltd released a new CDM-promo named Demonstration 2001. This release also featured additional vocals by Maria Bemark for the first time.

After that the band has turned into a somewhat fluent project, as the members have kept relocating all over the world (e. g. Bolivia, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, and more) due to various reasons. Nevertheless, in late 2002 the Hollow You EP was released, and during 2001-2003 the band threw off a couple of live shows with the aid of various additional live musicians. Lately, Deonda Ltd have released a couple of individual songs over the internet.

Resurrection Day
About the throes of an abusive relationship breaking apart. The song features drums by Patrik Andersson and additional vocals by Theo Randås and Camilla Husebye.

h h

A somewhat slower and more melodic song, with more emphasis on vocal parts. This track also features drums by Patrik Andersson, additional vocals by Maria Bemark and spoken word.

Dark Industrial Rock
h h

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2007-10-05: New download site.

A download page has been opened at

where all released tracks can be streamed or downloaded (at 192 kbit/s).


2007-07-14: New domain.

http://www.deondaltd.com/ is now Deonda Ltd's official site.


2006-10-14: Demo added.

Added an "almost final" demo version of Resurrection Day. At the same time, Hollow You and An Appeal were removed. These songs can, however, still be listened to and downloaded for free from the other sites listed below.


2006-07-23: New site launched!

A new site has been launched. The address is the same as before (http://fade.to/deonda), but the site has been completely reworked and improved.
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