Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, this Torontonian plays from the heart. From playing a multitude of open mics at various well-known venues, to being a part of organized showcases, Lisa made way for herself on the local circuit. Her ability to draw and sonically captivate a crowd comes from her years of give and take within the Toronto music scene.

Her first guitar teacher was Chet Breau son of Lenny Breau who was posthumously awarded a Juno Lifetime Award. He taught her her first licks, flicks, and thumb tricks. Lisa's influences are many and have only multiplied exponentially since those musically formative years in Winnipeg. She is her own sound comprised of many smaller "noodly bits," a term she uses fondly, and is often heard during shows.

Lisa puts her music out there with an expressive face that follows the ripples in sound, and the motion of the melody- a classic example of life imitating art. She captures the stage with her humorous presence, a sincere and refreshing lack of ego that comes from experience with playing what she loves to play and being all the Lisa she can be.

Upon first hearing her play, you’ll note that Lisa’s style is undoubtedly folk-inspired. However, her music has a bit more of a unique edge than those typically categorized as such; her distinctive finger pickings and raw, confessional lyrics are what define her sound- what makes her songs shine is her relentless delivery. All of Lisa's songs are a small piece of who she is, where she's come from, and what inspires her to keep moving forward. Where she wants to go is also hidden in there somewhere, but not between the lines- that'd be too obvious.


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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back up vocals by Aimee Rochard

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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Lisa Marie Kruchak