Muzzy Luctin was formed in April 1999 and features former members from Roadracer / Roadrunner recording artists LAST CRACK and regional bands MAGIC 7 and INNER SANCTUM. Combining hard rock energy and melodic songwriting, Muzzy Luctin has made a deep impact on the Midwest music scene. Local radio has fully embraced the band. Many of Wisconsin’s top radio stations have played Muzzy’s music including WJJO (Madison, WI), WIBA (Madison, WI), WMAD (Madison, WI), WLZR (Milwaukee, WI), WLUM (Milwaukee, WI), WQLF (Monroe, WI) and KGRR (Dubuque, IA). WJJO also regularly plays Muzzy during prime airtime. Recently they played three new Muzzy songs in one day.

Muzzy Luctin has traveled to New York twice to perform for record label showcases. The band regularly plays the major festival events in the Midwest such as SUMMERFEST (Milwaukee, WI), TASTE OF MADISON (Madison, WI) and DANE COUNTY FAIR (Madison, WI). Muzzy has also played shows with HOOBASTANK, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, SUBMERSED, TANTRIC, 3 DOORS DOWN, RA, PRESENCE, NONPOINT, CLUTCH, SLAVES ON DOPE, MIGHTY SIDESHOW, STIR, HEDDER, KING'S X, THE PIMPS, DUST FOR LIFE, FLAW, 40 BELOW SUMMER, JUDAS PRIEST, BENDER, STAGE, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, DEADSY, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, 6 GIG and CAROLINE'S SPINE. In addition, the band receives attention from radio and magazines in Europe and other areas of the world. Muzzy Luctin was featured in Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) and 'Sugarfly' is included on one of their Unerhort! (Best unsigned bands) CDs. The Belgian magazine Rock Tribune reviewed Muzzy’s debut CD ‘Symptoms of a Simple Life’ in their January 2004 issue and also ran a feature article in their February 2004 issue. Recently, many European rock and metal news sites on the web have taken note and given rave reviews of the CD as well.

The CD, the band's first full-length release, 'Symptoms of a Simple Life', was recorded at Sleepless Nights Studios in Madison, WI with guitarist Paul Schluter as engineer and producer. Over two years in the making, this thirteen-song epic has the commercial viability and production quality of a major label effort. It was released on February 23, 2002. Muzzy played throughout the Midwest in support of 'Symptoms' until early 2003 when the band decided to take some time off from live shows and start writing for a second CD. In April of 2004 Muzzy won the award for Best Rock Band at the first annual Madison Area Music Awards.

Currently the band is preparing to release their second CD ‘Divine Intermission’ which will available in November 2005. The new material has been well received in advance previews by label reps and media. One of the songs from the new CD, ‘The End Of It’, is included on this year’s WMAD ‘Rockin’ The Midwest’ compilation CD.

With past experience and mature songwriting skills, it is only a matter of time before this band explodes into the national spotlight.

Live With Yourself

Modern Progressive Hard Rock
h h

Another hard hitting rock n roll track with strong dynamics and a great sense of production. Energy driven and very viby and uplifting throughout.

Modern Progressive Hard Rock
h h

The End Of It
A great first single full of uplifting vocal melody's and great harmony work. Robust and well structured production with an edge that drives it all the way to the radio.

Modern Progressive Hard Rock
h h

Lost Again
A very individual sounding tune with a strong hooky riff and a powerful structure. Cool Bridge with a strong build to the outro of the track.

Modern Progressive Hard Rock
h h

Days I Forget
THis is an anthemic style of hard riockin tune with a seriously big chorus and a nice fat production vibe that compliments the vocal harmony and structure really well. Nicely deliverd with an energy and drive that makes this tune totally radio friendly.

Modern Progressive Hard Rock
h h

Tear Me Down
a good solid song with some big vocal rounds and very radio friendly vibe to it all round

Pop Hard Rock
h h

A classic pop/rock tune with a workable melodic structure and nice big chorus with some vocal rounds.

Melodic Hard Rock
h h

A cool and slick pop/rock style of track with a dynamic production, heaps of guitar melody's and complimenting vocal harmoney's

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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Muzzy Luctin release their brand new album, "Divine Intermission" on Go and check it out, a classic album by all accounts.
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