Carlos Oropeza is an independent artist from Philly, who has collaborated with other local musicians in their projects ranging from Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Reggae and Hip-Hop. .
Currently, he is working on video projects for himself and other local musicians. Carlos is originally from the Philippines.


Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Alternative Pop Rock
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Outside Your Window

Classic Rock
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Philadelphia Pa USA
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Johannes Hi, I play you on one or more of my stations. Put up a Troubled Minds Charts. Please suggest one of your own or coming from a fellow artist. Please - troubled minds only!! Peace - Johannes.
Johannes Please suggest a tune, Carlos. Maybe from one of your stations? Something I don't know about? And tx for your support as to my name's page! Tx! Tx! Tx!
Breithablik ( Hall One ) Hi - I reserved for you a Chair of Honour over here, hope you lik it ( and thank you for supporting several of my projects - Johannes, Amsterdam ).
Breithablik ( Hall One ) To be honest - I have no idea what is going on. But I got word from Scott that this station is IAC RUNNER-UP in a stationcontest. We will go on ( KIAC ) air thursday 19 Oct ( go to MAIN ARENA - FORUM ). All credits go to Brian Booth - peace, Johannes.
Paul Booth Johnson Cool guitar playing Carlos! Love yer sound and vibe!
Johannes Hi everyone - celebrating ( like you ? ) a prime for life account with a brandnew piece : The Theory Of Everything. May I invite you for a listen ? Peace - Johannes.
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