Founded in 2001 by cousins Julissa Gomez and Mario German . JULISSA is a NYC Latin ALternative Rock band based in Astoria, Queens who's members are Julissa Gomez (lead vocals/ songwriter), Mario German (guitar, co-writer), Albert Maldonado (guitar, co-writer), Carlos Fuentes (bass), James Shephard (drums/co-writer), and Bissette Mercado (percussions/backup vocals).

Since Juliss'a first performances, they have been well received and continue to be received with much enthusiasm and appeal by audiences of all ages, and ethnic background. Proving always that music is a universal language that can be understood by any and all who cares to listen. With the help of 3 times platinum record producer Pavel Dejesus, Julissa has begun to carve out their own niche in the world of Latin Rock, bringing in their own sound and originality. As one reviewer has declared on, "I don't know what language she is singing, but I just want to put my dancing shoes on and rock it out! Awesome Energy!" This very same sentiment has been shared by many who have experienced JULISSA live or otherwise. It describes their music and it's objective perfectly!

Julissa has had numerous successes starting with their win in the 2002 LatinoMix 105.9FM's (Now LaCalle) battle of the bands "Talento Local", giving them local notariety and succes. Being invited by promoters to open up for leading artist in various major latin festivals given throughout the the tri-state area such as the Columbian and Dominican day festivals and as well as promotional parties given by local radio stations and TVshows such as "Urban Latino". Making also top 40 reviewers list in 2006 for best latin songs on, number three for "Mariposas", and number ten for "Dame tu Amor". Getting top ranking and most request for songs by listeners of numerous registered online college and independant radio such as Lista de Exitos (, WSPC 88.7FM (Libido latino), 91.3WLVR (Latidos), Ulrafuzion Latina (, and many many more.

While continuing to search for a label that can take the band Julissa to the next level, The band currently works hard in continuing to create and record their own brand of music with re-known producer Pavel Dejesus who has been instumental to the bands developement of their sound and pro quality performance.

To find out more about JULISSA please visit these web locations:

Surfy, Punkish, fun, make you want to move.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Dame Tu AMor
Eclectic mix of Latin, Reggeaton, Hard Rock, and Punk. Tempo; from Groove to Jam to slam!

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Guerra (War)
Moderate Groove Reggea to up tempo Ska!

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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