With a single coming out on a Shut Eye Records compilation “United State Of Americana Vol. 4” and their first full-length album, “Kick the Sky”, released on Feb. 14th, Early Grace is ready for the new Americana music scene. Kick the Sky is already catching adds from radio stations all over the Northeast United States, as well as Europe, and the band is getting ready for live shows all over the country in the spring and summer. Early Grace was formed in 2001 by rock guitarist Christopher Bonet and classical musician, Anna Elias-Bonet. Drummer Pete Moon, and multi-instrumentalist Russ Rogers complete the line up. Each member’s diverse musical background give Early Grace its energetic Southern Rock drive & eclectic style topped with a melody that you can’t help but sing along with. They have been compared to Drive-By Truckers, Casey Chambers, Lucinda Williams & Magnolia Electric Co. as part of the Cosmic Americana movement. The songs on “Kick the Sky” reflect some true-life experiences of the band members. “Let Him Go” is about one woman’s rage towards a neglectful mother. “Second Chances” is about a homeless drug addict coming to the realization that the drugs have taken over his life and he longs to live again. “Take me home” and “40 to Life” speak of a woman who has made some bad choices in life and sits in prison with nothing but sorrow to comfort her. The songs are both autobiographical and fictional and tell the tale of consequences we all must face from the decisions we make in life. Early Grace will continue to write songs of hope and redemption by sharing some of their own personal experiences with the listener. The band is already gearing up to go into the studio and record the follow up to “Kick the Sky” with Eric “Roscoe” Ambel of Steve Earle & The Dukes and The Yahoo’s as producer. The next record will capture more of the Early Grace live experience.

If I Could

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