"Them Damn Buzzard Hawks ate my baby!!! And then they ate the dingoes! Those bastards eat everything. Then they busted into my mom's wine shed and made off with like 30 bottles of Boones farm and the porn mags I had in there. Damn Buzzard Hawks!" -Gag Reflex Comedy Theater

You see, the story goes a little bit like this...

Two cool guys got bored and decided to record music. They played a song about a guy named Luper. It was funny as hell. Those two cool guys are Austin ""Side Salad"" Sheldahl and Brandon XII. Now they sell out football stadiums where thousands upon thousands of women (and the occasional man or hermaphrodite, as the case may be) throw random undergarnments onto the stage. Just kidding, but seriously, they rock hard.
Austin is no longer with the band (for he has more important things to do, and we respect that), and Brandon has ascended to the title of "singer", recently joined by keyboarder/vocalist Joe Summers and guitarist Jon-Mike the Hell-Dwarfer. The band hopes to get a drummer, a bass player, and one more guitarist so they can start playing live shows this summer.

High School Stereotype
A song about life in high school

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Lauri My song rotation has you in the very top spot today at ROFLMAO!!!!
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Brandon XII- Vocals, studio guitar?

Joe Summers- Vocals, Keys

Jon-Mike the Hell-Dwarfer- Guitar, vocals

Still searching for another guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer
Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
Stuff that's funny but doesn't suck

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Them Damn Buzzard Hawks