""Fuck me this is a corker. Single of the missive – your search for the years sleaziest groovers ends right here."" - Losing Today

Fuji Heavy is a project whose sole purpose is to bring the fun and swagger back into rock.

Having formed in 2004, they proceeded to cut a 3 song demo which was sent out and received many acclocades from press and radio in Brighton and the UK.

""***Newsflash*** South coast rock-freaks Fuji Heavy are my new favourite band. Let Fuji Heavy into your world today, you need them."" - Leeds Music Scene

On the back of their efforts, Fuji Heavy have been featured live on Juice FM during Brighton live, as well as featured on BBC Southern Counties with Phil Jackson during 2005. The peak came when they were offered the support slot for the legendary Pere Ubu.

""Great Fucking Single. Taut, wired, zombie droning, with streaming riffs of noise hung on pop hooks and infectious choruses that hammer each track to a close."" - The Source, Brighton

Hoping to build on 2005, 2006 promises to be a big year for the Fuj as they release their upcoming EP, The Revenge of Fuji Heavy in March. Be on the lookout for them in a city near you....

""Fuji Heavy are something a little bit special, and whilst the other bands fight to all sound alike, it's a breath of the fresh stuff that Bob, Andy, Ali, Bryn and Alex have the sense, the brains and the talent to do what they truly believe in"" - RoomThirteen.com

""These songs are supercharged, but unlike many wannabe garage rockers Fuji Heavy manage to draw clean distinctions between their great songs, each being distinct and unique. Overall, this is a great demo, and if you’ve ever been into the Pixies or garage rock, you’ll feel right at home getting into Fuji Heavy."" - Joyzine

A little too much time baking in the sun....

Alternative Modern Rock
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Intergallactic Love
Planetary survival depends on the procreation of man...

Alternative Pop Rock
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Hello Ladies and Gents - Some glorious tidbits from the vault called Fuji Heavy....

First off, A couple of quick thank you's to the many of you who voted for us on Juice FM's Demo Clash. We were winners for 2 weeks and finally lost last night, but dem's da breaks.

Secondly, we have a gig coming up on Thursday at the Cable Club. We open the show and Bowie influenced - Kit Ashton is headlining. It will be a good gig as Bob is ditching the keys to concentrate fully on his stage flopping. Fuji Heavy is opening and will be on at 8:30 PM - so get on DOWNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Finally, we have a couple of more reviews in for The Revenge of Fuji Heavy (release date March 15th)....

""Great Fucking Single. Taut, wired, zombie droning, with streaming riffs of noise hung on pop hooks and infectious choruses that hammer each track to a close."" - The Source, Brighton

"" Rock n Roll swagger, attitude and songs - Fuji Heavy are a band who've got it all, prepare to be worshipping at the feet of this band in the very near future. "" - UK Music Search

That is all for now - See you at the gig...

Love from - The Fuj

The Self-Annointed and Self-Appointed band of the Apocalypse

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