Here is a quote from my label Wild Oats Records: You know Steven, You're what Wild Oats Records is all about ! Self-motivated, hip, talented, hard working... we think you're great ! Whenever we send out a sampler for someone interested in recording with us (if they're in the country genre) most likely the sampler starts with you singing ""Mr. Right"". In fact, you've inspired us to do something new on our website: Wild Oats ""The Wild Oats Artist Spotlight"", and we'd like you to be the first one we feature. Gail from wild oats records (Gail and the Tricksters)

And Then Some

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The Only Thing I'm Missing Is You

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Since I Found You

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Steven Hammontree
Songs From Wild Oats Records Album "Breakin` Loose"

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Steven Hammontree

3/15/2006 10:32:33 AM



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Steven Hammontree