InReStRaInTs is a metal band based out of Putnam County NY. A.J, Chris and John have been in the band since the year 2000, meanwhile Lee has been in since 2002. The road at which they are on has been nothing but bumps curves and the occasional cliff on the side but everyone has there trials and errors along with the do's and ont's of a family. They began in june of 2000 when drummer A.J got his very 1st drummset and went out looking for other people to play with. Later that year, he came across an old friend by the name of John. Later that winter, they had aquired bassist Chris. After some trial and errors with singers they had finally came across a singer, who had a form of metal sounding voice to go along with the brutal music at which they have created. Ever since Lee (vocals) had joined, InReStRaInTs has been a force to be reckoned with. By mid 2004 there had been some probelms with Chris due to negative attitude and lack of communication, the band had made a difficult choice but to let Chris go. By that summer the band had decided to try out as a 5 piece group, along with a couple of friends who were fans as an additional guitarist and a new bassist. That idea however backfired (like a lot of shit) because of the changing of the music from the other guitarist idea (""we all thought it was too Pop""- A.J), and there was a whole lot of stress, that had really changed on how the band was on the verge of breaking up. The two additional members had decided to leave the band and go on their own. Ever since then, InReStRaInTs have been writing new & reviving old matterial, and by far the heaviest, and brutal sound to have come since the begining of the group. By late January 2005, the band welcomed back Chris with open arms and a closed book on the past. The band has decided that In ReStRaInTs is not In ReStRaInTs without original linup. ""it just wasnt the same, we could never find a fuckin bassist that was reliable along with skilled""- Lee. In late 2005, the band ran into an old friend by the name of James. They decided to let James try out as an additional guitarist for In Restraints. Ever since James has joined up with the 4, In Restraints has become by far one of the heaviest bands to ever hit the NY underground metal scene. Jan 2006 began a new year for the band and a new CD. It is going to be relased on January 12th to destroy the metal scene.

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